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Adamari López sparks controversy in Despierta América for what she did

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Adamari López Controversy, Actress, Woman, MundoNow, Gossip
Adamari López controversy (Photo: Getty Images/Mezcalent)
  • Adamari López Sparks Controversy
  • The Host Becomes a Topic of Debate on Despierta América
  • «She knows exactly what she’s doing,» they declared.

Former host Adamari López is once again in the spotlight following a controversial video she shared on social media featuring a ‘Despecho’ song.

The presenter’s viral clip became a topic of debate on the Despierta América program, where the hosts did not hesitate to critique her.

Amidst the generated debate, leaders at the Sin Rollo debate table asserted that the actress fully understands the impact created by sharing such material.

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Sergeant The Podcast, MundoNOW

Once again, Adamari López is embroiled in controversy, and this time it’s due to a video she made with the song ‘Según Tú,’ in which she makes horn gestures, symbolizing infidelity.

It seems that this reaction did not sit well with the hosts of Despierta América, who did not hesitate to declare that she ‘knows what she is doing’.

«She knows precisely what she’s doing and she knows how to do it because she chooses a song that is so trendy,» said presenter Monse Medina.

«As Marce says, especially on social networks, and she knows that it will generate comments,» added Medina, during the broadcast of the program.

To generate income?

Adamari López, Controversy, Viral video, Horns, MundoNOW
Photo: Mezcalent

«And let’s remember that all of this on some platforms ultimately generates money for her; she does it masterfully because she knows how to do it,» emphasized Medina.

After these remarks, it was implied that Adamari López typically shares content on her social networks with the intent of generating additional income.

Of course, some hosts in this segment did not appreciate Adamari López’s gestures and even began to criticize her for it.

Moreover, public figures did not hesitate to interpret the host’s actions as a sign that she has not yet moved on from her ex-partner, Luis Fonsi.

«Let the book close»

Infidelity, Controversy, 'According to Who' song, Despierta América, MundoNOW
Photo: Mezcalent

José Figueroa, the host of that segment, did not hesitate to levy strong criticism against the Puerto Rican, contending that she should release her past.

«Is there really no other way to generate revenue than by choosing spiteful songs?» Figueroa underscored during the program.

«Turn the page, close the book, toss it out, and conclude the chapter now,» the host insisted, referring to the song that López shared.

«But, who hasn’t turned the page? He, he’s the one talking about her,» Monse pointed out, defending the television host Figueroa.

Didn’t you forget Luis Fonsi?

Social networks, Online comments, Trending, Celebrities, MundoNOW
Photo: Getty Images

What garnered attention in the debate was the noticeable support from certain hosts toward Adamari López and also the irritation of some toward Toni Costa.

«She did an interview the other day where she mentioned that she had turned the page, and then this week she comes out with this, is she serious?» Figueroa remarked.

«But that’s just it, it’s your interpretation of the events,» Alejandro Chabán pointed out in response to the fervor that the debate about Adamari sparked.

«This is a reel that is trending. Ada is very skilled at monetizing,» the Venezuelan added in response to the grievances of his segment colleagues.

What happened to Adamari?

actress, presenter, Friends and Rivals, Televisa, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Mezcalent

The former television presenter, Adamari López, a couple of days ago, shared a video singing Carín León and Maluma’s song ‘Según Qui’ and sparked a debate on social networks.

Moreover, in the video, the actress and presenter did not hesitate to follow the song’s lyrics about infidelity, and netizens were quick to comment about Luis Fonsi. [TO WATCH VIDEO CLICK HERE.]

«It’s not about anyone, many years have passed.» «It’s just another post,» «It’s for Fonsi, who’s talking,» were highlighted on social media. [TO WATCH VIDEO CLICK HERE.]

Of course, the Puerto Rican did not make any attempt to respond to her followers’ messages and acted as if the accusations had no effect on her.

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