Inicio » English » Adamari López appears with Miss Universe Andrea Meza and they are compared to each other (PHOTO)

Adamari López appears with Miss Universe Andrea Meza and they are compared to each other (PHOTO)

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  • Adamari López appears with Miss Universe.
  • They are criticized for their height.
  • Some claim that Adamari López is too thin.

Both still look spectacular. The Puerto Rican host, Adamari López appears next to Mexican Miss Universe Andrea Meza and followers criticize the beautiful host, claiming that the model looked much better than her and that the outfit was not a food fit for the actress.

Lately, Adamari López has been under public scrutiny since she ended her relationship with Spanish dancer Toni Costa, father of her daughter Alaia, after this, the pretty short girl has been dazzling everyone with her spectacular physical transformation, as she looks slimmer and happier than ever, something that can be seen through cameras.

Adamari López appears with the Mexican Miss Universe

Adamari López appears with the Mexican Miss Universe
PHOTO: TV stars. Facebook

However, it seems that the bad comments have not completely disappeared, since on one occasion in which Adamari López appeared next to the Mexican model and winner of the Miss Universe 2021 contest, Andrea Meza, the users in networks Socials went with everything against this beautiful driver, who did not hesitate to leave several comments about it.

It was through the Estrellas Tv Facebook account, where the page published a photograph four days ago, where the 27-year-old model, Andrea Meza, appeared just when she was a guest on the Telemundo program, Hoy Day, looking like a beauty queen.

Adamari López appears with the Mexican Miss Universe and is she humiliated?

Adamari López appears with the Mexican Miss Universe and is she humiliated?
PHOTO: Stars Tv. Facebook

Beside her was Adamari López, wearing a completely red outfit, at the bottom she wore a top, along with high-waisted red satin shorts, while her hair fell. And it is that despite the fact that both looked beautiful, the difference in height is quite considered, since the model measures 1.80 meters, while the Puerto Rican measured less than 1.60 meters.

This difference in height became the center of attention of thousands of followers, where they highlighted how tall the model from Chihuahua looked compared to the host of the morning Hoy Día.

They criticize them; Adamari López appears with the Mexican Miss Universe and is she humiliated?

They criticize them; Adamari López appears with the Mexican Miss Universe and is she humiliated?
PHOTO: Facebook. Tv stars

Among the comments that could be read in the photograph of Adamari López next to Miss Universe, there were several criticisms of both, stating that both were very thin, when at first they criticized the Puerto Rican for being “overweight” : “Adamari that she no longer passes, she looks good, but she is already losing weight a lot, then they look like corpses”, to which another user replies: “We prefer to be skinny than fat, she is very well, before they criticized her because she was fat and now that she’s gone down, no, not even how to understand them ”.

On the other hand, some followers not only criticized Admari López but also the 27-year-old model: “The Miss with the skinniest legs I’ve ever seen, and that’s on television, I imagine she’s worse in person. Adamari does have beautiful legs ”.

“They both look spectacular”

"They both look spectacular"
PHOTO: Stars Tv. Facebook

Fortunately, there were other comments that came out in defense of Adamari López and Miss Universe, stating that both looked spectacular together: “Two beautiful Latin women, with different body types and stature, long live diversity, many would already like to be 50 and look like 30 years ”.

“They are both beautiful, each one of their kind, Adamari congratulations, I need your willpower, very admirable, you look 30 and you wear that style very well with those good abs”, “But if they both look beautiful, the short girl although have abundance, that does not matter, the most beautiful thing that looks good and with a lot of energy, God bless her “,” Those two women are the example for all those women who feel bad because they are short or tall, they are also beautiful, intelligent ”.

Will he win back Luis Fonsi? Adamari López ‘flirts’ with a doll’s mini dress and her waist

PHOTO: Mezcalent

At 50 years old, Adamari López boasts a waist and a doll’s dress… she looks wonderful and happier and fuller than before; Considering that she is single, she focuses on her work and recently is a judge of ‘Así se Baila’, a show where she impacts with her styles and beauty, like this Sunday that she boricua charmed strangers themselves.

Is it going to have Thalia’s waist? Adamari López is reducing many sizes thanks to hard workouts, massages and food, to maintain and achieve her long-awaited measurements without so many pounds that plagued her for years … So now in the Program decided to enchant with a ‘doll’ style dress.

Adamari López looks like a doll with that pink dress

miss Universe
PHOTO: Instagram

With a short hairstyle in the 50s style, leaving her extensions from last week, now this broadcast of Así se Baila showed Adamari López in a Mexican pink dress with a powerful fit to her slim body that posed everyone’s sight on her legs and on your waist.

The reductive massages and the discipline served to get rid of many sizes? It seems so because the doll dress settled the body of Adamari López, whose waist flies to become one similar to Thalía’s, to the astonishment of those who said that the Puerto Rican would not achieve it.

The powerful waist of Adamari López and her tanned body?

miss Universe
PHOTO: Instagram

Adamari López’s skin looked very tanned and her body toned so much that she showed off herself with a photo session that she shared on her account Instagram first alone and later with her fellow judges of ‘Así se Baila’ Christian de la Fuente and Mariana Seoane.

“Here I share photos of the look of the 3rd Gala of Así Se Baila !!! Happy to be part of the jury! “, He wrote in the description of the images where he is encouraged to do ‘Marilyn Monroe’ style poses by raising his leg, but what undoubtedly left everyone shocked was his reduced waist.

Body and waist with massages

Miss Universe Adamari López
PHOTO: Instagram

Adamari López’s effort is being rewarded by the images in which she showed off her body and waist at her peak of discipline and at 50 she looks like a 20 or 30-year-old girl, so the comments on the Instagram of ‘Hoy Day ‘upon seeing her, people commented:

“Definitely the best state of a woman is singleness, look at her beautiful happy”, “You are beautiful happy for that achievement, but do not lower yourself any more”, “She looks 30 and not 50”, “How have you changed”, “Wow rejuvenated some 20 years she looks very pretty and happy, self love ”,“ Beautiful a Barbie ”,“ You look like the Adamari of Mexican novels ”,“ Wow, this one is beautiful ”, some people expressed.

One person commented that upon seeing her as regal, Luis Fonsi will return with Adamari López

Miss Universe Adamari López
PHOTO: Instagram

Faced with how regal Adamari López looked, a loyal follower told her that her ex-husband Luis Fonsi would be sorry for letting her go and would even go back to her: “I’ll see Luis Fonsi looking for her beautiful that she is,” several people began to comment on this. to make fun but to affirm that this would not happen because the singer was happy with Águeda López:

“Fonsi is too happy with his beautiful family”, “He is not going back to that woman at all”, “Nothing to do with it, he already has his family and is happy, and the past must be left there”, “Fonsi is happily married and he has a beautiful family he is not going to destroy it by looking for another ”,“ Luis Fonsi lost Adamari forever, and Adamari is not interested in that big head ”, they wrote to the controversial comment.

The driver of Hoy Día looks like a teenager

Miss Universe Adamari López
PHOTO: Instagram

Stylized and with an unbeatable bearing, the 50-year-old host of Hoy Día is going through a great stage of life, focused on her daughter Alaïa, in her morning show, in her work as a judge in Así se Baila and in what It was her return to acting in ‘La Suerte de Ada’, she still has no time for love again.

At the beginning of 2021 finally after so much speculation, Adamari López decided to break the silence and acknowledge that things were no longer going well in her 10-year relationship with Toni Costa, so they took time to resolve ‘issues’, without However, after more than half a year, it seems that both are better, single, although there is still the possibility of reconciliation. Some images in this note come from this and this video

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