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Samadhi Zendejas is accused of breaking up William Levy’s marriage

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Did actress Samadhi Zendejas come between William Levy and Elizabeth Gutiérrez? (Photo: Mezcalent)
  • Actress Samadhi Zendejas faces criticism.
  • She is accused of breaking up William Levy’s marriage.
  • Social media is in an uproar.

Controversy continues to surround actress Samadhi Zendejas after William Levy and Elizabeth Gutiérrez split.

Yesterday rumors began to circulate that Levy and Gutiérrez were sparring on social media.

This has to do with a video that Samadhi shared in her Instagram stories where she and William Levy were having fun together in a car.

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Controversy following William and Elizabeth’s split

Celebrities, Controversy, Scandal, Social Networks, Samadhi Zendejas Accused of Breakup
Photo: Mezcalo

Now the Mexican actress is facing criticism after Elizabeth Gutiérrez publicly confirmed her breakup with Levy.

Chaos broke out after the Vuelve a Mí actress shared the video where she and William Levy are singing in the car.

The chemistry between Levy and Zendejas has been a source of speculation in the past, and of course this video was no exception.

But, it seemed that Eli wasn’t happy with what she saw.

Speculation about William Levy and actress Samadhi Zendejas

actress Samadhi Zendejas, William Levy, Elizabeth Gutiérrez, celebrities, entertainment
Photo: Mezcalo

The Mexican presenter’s comments ended up further fueling speculation about a possible relationship between Levy and Zendejas.

«That way I know more. Thank you for showing me what I had not seen. I don’t know if it suits you. You continue,» was one of Gutiérrez’s comments.

But that was not all — shortly after, Hola USA! magazine shared a video of an exclusive interview with the actress.

In it she revealed that she is currently separated from William Levy, but did not give the details of the true reason for the breakup.

Elizabeth Gutiérrez confirms split

actress Samadhi Zendejas, William Levy, Elizabeth Gutiérrez, celebrities, entertainment
Photo: Mezcalo

«I always bet on my relationship, I loved William, I think it’s no secret that he was the love of my life,» she said as her eyes filled with tears.

«We are not currently together,» Elizabeth Gutiérrez told Hola USA!.

Some social media users attacked actress Samadhi Zendejas.

Samadhi Zendejas is attacked online

actress Samadhi Zendejas, William Levy, Elizabeth Gutiérrez, celebrities, entertainment
Photo: Meznivel

Several people commented on Samadhi’s last post, accusing her of breaking up William Levy’s marriage.

However, some people did defend Samadhi.

«Why do they say that a marriage was thrown away?» «That marriage was already very fractured.» «He no longer loved Elizabeth and was only with her for his children.»

«When it’s your turn to suffer, NO ONE will care about your actions.» «Continue making fun of yourself while you get your baby karmite,» were some comments.

More reactions on social media

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Photo: Mezcalo

«Why do you want to get into a mess that’s NOT WORTH IT?» «Girl, you threw yourself into a marriage.» «She’s pretty but nothing like Elizabeth.»

«Be afraid of the consequences because no one escapes from those.» «How ugly that to be happy you have to make another woman suffer.» «I find her ordinary,» others commented.

The accusations against actress Samadhi Zendejas were based on the video she shared on her Instagram stories.

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