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They find the lifeless body of Colombian actress Ania Margoth Acosta

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Ania Margoth Acosta is murdered (Photo: Shutterstock)
  • Mourning in the Hispanic community.
  • The death of Ania Margoth Acosta confirmed.
  • Pain and shock due to femicide.

The entertainment world and the Hispanic community are in mourning following a tragic loss.

News has emerged of the devastating fate that befell a rising star in the entertainment industry.

The lifeless body of Colombian aspiring star Ania Martgoth Acosta was discovered in Mexico, and details of the incident have been disclosed.

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Ania Margoth Acosta is murdered

The lifeless body of 43-year-old Colombian model and aspiring actress Ania Margoth Acosta was discovered, confirmed sources from the Colombian embassy in Mexico on May 8th.

The tragic news was conveyed through an official message from the embassy on their X account.

«With deep sorrow, we inform that today Ania Margoth Acosta was laid to rest. A Colombian victim of trafficking and femicide, but also of state neglect,» they wrote.

«Today, we have failed a family, to whom we apologize, and we urge judicial authorities to conduct a prompt investigation,» the embassy’s statement expressed.

Looking for opportunity in the media

Ania Margoth Acosta, Colombia, Mexico, Femicide, Death, murdered
Ania Margoth Acosta is murdered PHOTO Capture from Facebook

Acosta had arrived in Mexico with the dream of making her mark in the entertainment industry as an actress.

However, on June 21, 2023, she lost contact with her family while in Michoacán.

In her last communication, she hinted that she was in danger, triggering an alert that mobilized authorities to search for her whereabouts.

After a prolonged silence, the recent discovery of her body has shaken both Colombia, her home country, and Mexico, where she met a tragic end.

Her disappearance in Mexico

Ania Margoth Acosta is murdered, Colombia, Mexico, Femicide, Murder
PHOTO Facebook Capture

The news portal Infobae retrieved statements from a family member who remained anonymous to a media outlet.

«According to what the Prosecutor’s Office told us and showed us in some videos, they forced her into a car and we didn’t hear from her again,» they explained.

«She communicated with her mother as if saying goodbye, that she was leaving, but that she loved us all, as if indicating that she was in danger,» the relative said about the last time she communicated with her mother.

Her murder remains under investigation, which is why her body could not be repatriated and had to be buried in Mexico, where her family traveled to bid her farewell.

They claim that she was harassed by a gangster

Ania Margoth Acosta, Colombia, Mexico, Femicide, Crime
PHOTO Facebook Capture

According to ‘El Tiempo‘ portal, the last time the Colombian had contact with her family was on July 21, 2023, when she mentioned she was in Morelia, Michoacán.

However, she allegedly stated that her final destination would be Guadalajara. Yet, the Strategic Litigation in Human Rights Collective (Idheas) discovered that she was kidnapped.

They detailed that Acosta was abducted during her passage through Morelia, adding that she might have been used for illicit purposes, as reported by the Colombian embassy in Mexico.

They also indicate that a man she referred to as «a mafioso» harassed her, pressuring her to fight with people and engage in sexual relations with him.

Impact on the Hispanic community

Ania Margoth Acosta, Colombia, Mexico, Femicide, Actress
PHOTO Facebook Capture

This tragic event has highlighted the vulnerability of many individuals to trafficking and gender-based violence.

Emphasizing the urgent need for effective policies and actions to prevent and address these situations.

Following the confirmation of her abrupt departure, users have begun to bid farewell to her through social media.

On these platforms, photos of the Colombian have been shared alongside messages that fondly remember her and express sorrow over her murder.

Mourning on social media

flowers, candle, death, funeral, MundoNow
PHOTO Shutterstock

«May God grant strength to her family and friends,» «Peace in her resting place, strength for her family, God welcomed her into His kingdom,» they wrote.

«Rest in peace,» «A great friend, model, mother,» «May she rest in peace,» «How sad,» «I hope justice is served for her family and friends,» they said.

«Rest in peace,» «How lamentable,» «She was so beautiful, what a shame,» they commented.

These are just a few of the farewell messages that were written on social media following the departure of Ania Margoth Acosta.

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