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Actor Reynaldo Rossano tearfully reveals that his children no longer want to see him

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Actor Reynaldo Rossano (Photo: Mezcalent)
  • Actor Reynaldo Rossano makes a tearful revelation.
  • He says his children won’t see him.
  • What else did he say?

The actor and comedian Reynaldo Rossano, also known as ‘Papirrín,’ shared the deep sadness he’s experienced since his divorce.

He told the media that he has not seen his children for more than a year because they refuse to see him.

He made this known during a conversation he on Tv Azteca’s Venga La Alegría.

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Actor Reynaldo Rossano makes a tearful confession

Actor, Televisa, Artist, Social Networks, Reynaldo Rossano in tears
Photo: Mezcalo

Rossano expressed his pain by pointing out that the mother of his children, Karla Arreola, has negatively influenced their children

This was posted on Venga La Alegría’s official Instagram account.

«My children’s mother poisoned their minds for no reason, because they really have no reason not to want to see me,» lamented the actor.

The comedian divorced Karla Arreola in July 2021 after 15 years of marriage.

He holds out hope for his family

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Photo: Mezcalo

Rossano, in a heartbreaking statement, said: «It is very sad, because I miss my children. I want to see my children.»

«Not for having a pension, not for having an economic benefit. I want to see my children because I miss hugging them,» he continued.

In the midst of this painful split, Reynaldo sent a direct message to his children, asking them not to believe everything they are told.

Likewise, El Papirrín did not hesitate to express his love and desire to have them back in his life like when they were a united family.

Reynaldo Rossano’s message to his children

actor Reynaldo Rossano, Reynaldo Rossano, Karla Arreola, Papirrín, children
Photo: Meznivel

«That I love them, that I miss them, that I miss them in life, that I want them to be with me. Don’t believe everything they tell you,» he said, his voice breaking.

«We couldn’t be together anymore and suddenly children become an economic weapon for them to have a higher income,» he added.

In addition to this family situation, it has been reported that Rossano is facing financial difficulties, which could be another factor in the estrangement from his children.

El Papirrí’s sadness in the face of this situation reflects the emotional challenges that many families face during a divorce.

Reactions on social media

actor Reynaldo Rossano, Reynaldo Rossano, Karla Arreola, Papirrín, children
Photo: Instagram / Venga La Alegría

Although the comedian seeks to reconcile with his children and hopes that they will soon be together again, nothing is certain.

Of course, people immediately reacted to the post.

«For something to be.» «He gives what he can and even if it is little he is responsible.» «What bad things some women do,» were some comments.

«How sad.» «I think you should report her.» «Another toxic one.» «After a while the ex comes out saying that he abused them.» To see actor Reynaldo Rossano talking about his children click HERE.

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