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Actor Héctor Parra is acquitted of sexually abusing his daughter

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  • Héctor Parra was acquitted of sexually abusing his daughter.
  • Despite this, he remains in prison.
  • He faces another set of charges in the coming days.

In 2021, actor Héctor Parra was accused of sexually abusing his young daughter Alexa. Ever since, the actor has been insisting he’s innocent. It was not until June 15, 2022 that he was arrested and taken to prison. Now he has been acquitted of seven of those charges.

Since then, his legal team has been defending him, stating there were several legal irregularities. Héctor insists it was all a misunderstanding and now it appears the court agrees.

Héctor Parra acquitted of sexually abusing his daughter

Héctor Parra acquitted of crimes
Photo: Instagram

On Thursday, May 11, it was announced that the actor’s legal problems are nearing an end after his daughter, Alexa Hoffman, accused him of sexual abuse.

During the last hearing, which took place inside the Reclusorio Oriente, where he has remained since 2021, the actor was acquitted of the seven charges of sexual abuse of a minor. Although he has been declared innocent, Héctor Parra is not out of legal trouble.

Héctor Parra still faces charges for corruption of a minor

Héctor Parra acquitted of crimes
Photo: Instagram

According to El Universal, the actor and television presenter will continue to be detained since he still faces charges for corruption of a minor. His youngest daughter, Alexa Hoffman, has accused him of these acts.

After hearing of the acquittal, lawyer Sámara Ávila, along withDaniela Parra, the defendant’s eldest daughter, were approached by the various media including Venga la Alegría.

He remains in prison

Héctor Parra acquitted of crimes

Photo: Instagram

TV Azteca shared a clip of h Daniela Parra with lawyer Sámara Ávila saying Héctor Parra had been declared innocent, they also stated that one more hearing is still pending.

“Dany is already aware, it’s good news, Mr. Héctor Parra is acquitted of the seven sexual abuse charges, we are still going to a second hearing for May 18 for the other crime of corruption of a minor. The seven charges of groping I always stated to Dany and to you that Mr. Parra did not commit. He’s being acquitted, he’s not going to be sentenced,” the lawyer told the outlet.

Alexa Hoffman breaks speaks out after the ruling

Alexa Hoffman breaks the silence after the ruling against her father
Photo: Instagram

«I am shocked, we are totally confident, as you know he was acquitted of the seven sexual crimes charges, that thank God is great news, now we have to wait for the 18th for it to be resolved, to see the corruption of a minor,» explained Daniela Parra . «Mr. Héctor is calm about what happened, I have to see him to explain in detail what is coming, give us this time and we hope to have better news,» said the lawyer.

However, Alexa Hoffman had a different take. “Again, as always misinforming. Today was the last hearing, they sentenced him, he was guilty,” she noted. Although what she refers to is that the issue of corruption of minors is still pending, but regarding the crimes of sexual abuse, he was acquitted.

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