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Actor Eduardo Verástegui is running for president of Mexico

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Eduardo Verástegui is running for president of Mexico (Photo: Mezcalent)
  • Eduardo Verástegui is running for president.
  • He will run as an Independent in the 2024 election.
  • He is associated with far right politicians.

Former Mexican actor Eduardo Verástegui took a bold step in his career on Thursday when he appeared at the Instituto Nacional Electoral (INE) of Mexico.

He has expressed his desire to run as an Independent in the 2024 Mexican presidential election.

A photo of the film producer arriving at the INE facilities captured the public’s attention.

Thursday, September 7, marked the deadline for those who aspire to run as an Independent to register with the election authority.

Eduardo Verástegui is running for president

Eduardo Verástegui, candidate, president, Mexico, actor
Photo Mezcalent

Faced with this deadline, Verástegui delivered all the necessary documentation to officially register as a presidential candidate in Mexico.

It is worth mentioning that the Mexican actor is running without any support from a traditional political party, so he will be an Independent.

His interest in running for president next year was announced in a video shared on social media, in which he urged his followers to «build the Mexican dream together.»

Eduardo Verástegui’s announcement has generated great expectations and debate on the Mexican political scene, according to Agencia EFE.

A Mexican actor is running for president

Eduardo Verástegui, candidate, president, actor, singer
Photo Mezcalent

The former singer surprised all of Mexico by announcing on social media that he’s seriously running for president of Mexico.

«I want to change Mexico, this is a fight for the freedom of Mexico and I am convinced that it will not be the usual way,» said the candidate.

«The same old gap, the same old parties, the same old politicians, the same old promises,» Verástegui said in statements to the media.

However, the INE will now have to assess whether Verástegui meets the requirements to run. If so, he will receive a certificate on September 8.

His move surprises the entire country

Eduardo Verástegui, president, Mexico, INE, social networks,
Photo Mezcalent

His foray into politics represents a significant turn in his career, which until now has been largely focused on the show business industry.

Eduardo Verástegui is known for his appearance in successful movies and his career as a singer, which has given him a considerable fan base.

However, his foray into politics has not been without controversy. Verástegui has been linked to far-right politicians.

In the past, he has advocated for conservative positions on issues like abortion and marriage equality, drawing equal praise and criticism.

Verstegui would run as an Independent

Singer, artist, elected, INE, MundoNOW
Photo Mezcalent

Verástegui’s decision to run as an Independent suggests his intention to distance himself from traditional political parties.

This could attract voters who are disenchanted with the established parties and looking for a fresh option outside of the mainstream politics.

The process of becoming an Independent candidate in Mexico is arduous and requires a series of steps that include collecting signatures of support from citizens.

It is worth mentioning that the Mexican actor, by delivering his documentation on the last possible day, demonstrates his commitment to this challenge, according to infobae.

The requirements to run for president

Requirements, elections, singer, social networks, MundoNOW
Photo Mezcalent

“Let’s be big dreamers. I do dream of a Mexico that allows God to be the center of our nation,» the actor says in the video.

«I do dream of the day that no migrant has to leave our country due to necessity or lack of opportunities,» he added.

«I dream of a safe Mexico without violence where parents do not fear for the lives of their children,» he said in his recording.

The Mexican actor will have to gather at least 1% of the signatures of the Electors’ Nominal List in at least 17 states to be an official candidate — that is, some 300,000 signatures.

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