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Activists decry express deportations at the Mexico-Guatemala border

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  • Activists and immigrants decry express deportations at the Mexico-Guatemala border.
  • Some blame the US for turning migrants away.
  • Is this process legal?

Amidst the escalating deportations occurring at the Mexico-Guatemala border, activists and migrants have raised their voices, expressing deep concern over the ongoing events they have dubbed as «express» or «hot» deportations. According to reports from these groups, immigrants are being swiftly removed without any opportunity to apply for asylum.

This situation follows the end of the notorious Title 42 policy implemented during Donald Trump’s presidency. Title 42, based on a public health law, served as the justification for expediting the removal of individuals arriving at the southern border of the United States, regardless of their circumstances or need for protection. Prior to its repeal, migrants would make their way from Mexico’s southern border towards the United States.


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The southern border of Mexico is currently facing challenging times as reports have emerged of expedited deportations that are placing migrants awaiting the approval of their asylum applications in a precarious position. Recent complaints highlight the negative impact of the termination of Title 42, which has further exacerbated the difficulties faced by the Hispanic community seeking to enter the United States.

In response to these concerns, migrants and activists have denounced Mexican authorities for conducting expedited or «hot» deportations along the southern border of Mexico, according to the EFE agency. This situation has prompted individuals crossing the border without proper documentation to share accounts of the hardships they encounter upon reaching Mexico.

How are the deportations connected to Title 42?

Why was it related to Title 42?
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The Fray Matías de Córdova Human Rights Center has informed EFE that these expedited expulsions, referred to as «hot» deportations, are being carried out against immigrants in need of international protection at the Ciudad Hidalgo and Talismán borders in the Mexican state of Chiapas, near Guatemala. They are closely monitoring the situation as it unfolds.

While the issue does not directly involve the United States, it has been pointed out that these deportations, according to the civil organization, began two weeks ago, possibly in connection with the termination of Title 42. As of now, the U.S. authorities have not made any new statements regarding this controversial policy.

Is this type of expulsion legal?

Is this type of expulsion legal?
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The «hot expulsions» are described as a legal practice that involves forcibly returning a group of people across the border without following international procedures. Therefore, the actions taken by the Mexican authorities are not considered illegal.

Venezuelan migrant Dustin Martínez stated that immigration officials take them by public transportation in the municipality of Suchiate back to the Mexico-Guatemala border to facilitate their expulsion from the country. However, both Mexican immigration officials and the government have refrained from commenting on the matter.

Have expulsions increased?

They denounce deportations at the Mexico border: Did the expulsions increase?

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Yuridia Salvador Hernández from the Fray Matías de Córdova Human Rights Center in Tapachula highlighted that the changes in immigration detention practices, including the closure of detention centers, have led to the implementation of these new measures, according to EFE.

«At the southern borders of Mexico, a new form of containment involves detaining individuals on buses for hours and then expelling them to the border with Guatemala, regardless of their nationality, whether they are Venezuelan, Cuban, or Central American,» stated the human rights specialist. While there are no official statistics on the number of people being expelled to Central America, this recurring and increasing practice has been observed, according to the activist.

Is the situation getting even more complicated?

Deportations Mexico border denounced: Is the situation still getting more complicated?
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The same organization previously raised concerns about «chain returns» in 2021, where individuals expelled under Title 42 of the United States were subsequently sent to detention centers in Tapachula and ultimately returned to their home countries with the collaboration of the National Guard.

Therefore, the current situation at the border of Mexico reflects the impact of the recent expiration of Title 42 in the United States, a measure that previously resulted in the immediate expulsion of migrants based on pandemic-related grounds. It has now been replaced by Title 8, which imposes greater restrictions on legal asylum.

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