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8 Facts You Need to Know About Activated Nuts

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Unless you live under a rock, you already know that nuts are super healthy. They have tons of important vitamins as well as healthy fat and protein, so most dietitians recommend eating a small amount every day. Unfortunately, many people experience indigestion from eating raw nuts. Therefore, the latest trend sweeping Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom is activating your nuts.

We know it sounds dirty but, trust us, it’s a duty that doesn’t leave the kitchen and involves only the type of nuts that come in a shell. “The process of ‘activating’ nuts imitates a natural sprouting process—the nut is pre-soaked for around 7-12 hours then left to dehydrate. This process decreases the levels of anti-nutrients such as phytic acid. Phytic acid is a compound that is found in the hulls of all nuts, seeds, and grains, which can bind to important minerals, such as calcium, iron, and zinc, and can limit their absorption in the body,” according to The Daily Mail.  So, if you’re anything like a few of us here, you need to know these 8 facts about activated nuts.

1. Phytic Acid

Raw nuts contain phytic acid. This substance binds to the healthy minerals in the nuts including iron, magnesium and zinc. It inhibits your body from absorbing those minerals. Activating your nuts removes the phytic acid.

2. All the Nuts

Types of walnuts

You can soak and activate most nuts and seeds including cashews, almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts, sunflower seeds, pecans, pine nuts and more.

3. How To…

To activate your nuts, soak them in water with salt for 7-12 hours (3-6 hours for cashews and 12-14 for almonds). Then rinse them and dry them in the oven at its lowest setting for another 12-24 hours.

4. Why the Salt?


Soaking your nuts in water with salt breaks down the enzyme inhibitors in the nuts. This process makes them easier to digest.

5. Why Activate?

The process of activating your nuts makes it so that the minerals in them are more easily absorbed by your body. When you soak seeds and nuts in water, two things happen: leaching of protease inhibitors (molecules that stop digestion) into the water and activating of the germination process, so the amount of starch and fiber reduces, while the protein and vitamin content come up.

6. Easy to Eat

Walnuts on a wooden surface

Many people who have experienced indigestion when eating nuts in the past can tolerate activated nuts far better than raw nuts. This also applies to people with sensitive intestines due to Crohn’s or Celiac disease.

7. Taste the Nuts

Activating nuts doesn’t change their flavor so you should still enjoy the taste of the ones you love most.

8. The Latest Trend

Peeled nuts

It may seem like the latest craze but Aborigines in Australia have been activating nuts through their own soaking and dehydrating customs for centuries.

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