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Lupillo Rivera’s daughter gets engaged and raises suspicions

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Lupillo Rivera's daughter gets engaged (Photo: Mezcalent)
  • Abigail Rivera is Engaged
  • Intriguing Similarities Between Engaged Cousins
  • Family Celebrates Emotional Marriage Proposal.

Abigail Rivera, the daughter of the famous singer Lupillo Rivera, has recently taken a significant step in her personal life by getting engaged.

However, this joyous occasion has raised eyebrows, sparking curiosity due to a striking coincidence involving her cousin, Chiquis Rivera.

Chiquis, too, is deep in wedding preparations, having gotten engaged earlier in 2023.

The parallel in their love lives becomes even more intriguing when considering the remarkable physical transformations both cousins have undergone in recent years.

Abigail Rivera is Engaged just like Chiquis

Lupillo Rivera engaged daughter, Abigail Rivera, Chiquis, Commitment, MundoNOW
Lupillo Rivera engaged daughter PHOTO Mezcalent

This striking parallel has sparked speculation about whether Abigail is emulating Chiquis’ path, or if their simultaneous engagements are merely coincidental events in their respective lives.

A sense of joy and happiness enveloped the moment when Abigail, surrounded by her loved ones, announced her engagement.

Yet, the curiosity about the potential influence between the cousins has become a topic of discussion on social media.

Lupillo Rivera, Abigail’s father, shared his joy upon seeing two of his daughters, Ayana and Abigail, both getting engaged. He notably played a key role in Abigail’s proposal, acting as an accomplice to her fiancé in orchestrating the surprise.

Lupillo’s daughter’s engagement

Lupillo Rivera, Daughter of Lupillo Rivera, Abigail, Singer, Engagement
Lupillo Rivera engaged daughter PHOTO Mezcalent

Although Abigail and her partner Edgar have been parents to four girls and have been living together for some time, Edgar’s intention to formalize their union was clear.

In a touching gesture, Lupillo orchestrated a memorable moment for his daughter by guiding her to the backyard, where Edgar and their children awaited to stage the marriage proposal.

Set to the tune of ‘Hermoso Cariño’ by Vicente Fernández, Edgar knelt before Abigail to ask for her hand in marriage.

This heartwarming gesture deeply moved Lupillo’s daughter, who, amidst tears, enthusiastically accepted the proposal.

Family influences

Singer, Mexico, United States, Engaged, Daughter of a singer
PHOTO Mezcalent

The ensuing celebration was brimming with joy and familial warmth.

During the event, Lupillo Rivera was seen thoroughly enjoying himself, even sharing a touching dance with his future mother-in-law, a gesture celebrating the impending union of the couple.

Abigail’s engagement has garnered public interest, with many speculating whether her decision was influenced by the similar life events of her cousin Chiquis.

Despite the rumors, an overarching sentiment of love and happiness prevails as Abigail and her family embark on this new chapter.

Commitment celebration

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PHOTO Shutterstock

Abigail shared a series of photos on her social media, capturing the moments of her proposal, and accompanied them with a heartfelt message.

«My proposal… I know the audience or the video can’t hear what Edgar told me, but it makes it more sacred to us,» she wrote, emphasizing the personal significance of the moment.

She reflected on her emotions during the proposal, saying, «I cried so much, I was so surprised,» and noted the presence of her family during this special time.

«I thought my food truck was ready, but it was actually something much better! I really want to thank everyone who made this possible!» she concluded, expressing her gratitude to those who helped arrange the surprise.

Comments regards Abigail’s engagement

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PHOTO Shutterstock

Abigail Rivera’s engagement has been a source of family joy, but it has also ignited curiosity regarding the parallels with her cousin’s experiences.

Beyond the family coincidence, user comments have quickly surfaced, with some expressing skepticism rather than romance about the moment.

Critiques ranged from «It’s most ridiculous to ask for marriage when they already live together and have children, it’s stupid,» to playful jabs like «Yes, but don’t let Lupe sing,» reflecting varied opinions on the significance of the engagement in the context of their existing family life.

To see the video of Abigail’s proposal, click HERE.

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