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AI video of Octavio Ocaña from beyond the grave goes viral

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  • An AI video of Octavio Ocaña from beyond the grave goes viral.
  • It tells the story of his life and tragic death.
  • Fans still mourn the beloved actor.

AI video of Octavio Ocaña emerges from the beyond the grave. The death of the young Mexican actor Octavio Ocaña shocked the entire country and the way in which he lost his life was quite heartbreaking. The actor, who played Benito Rivers on Vecinos, was shot in the head.

On October 29, 2021, the news went around the world that, at the age of 22, the young actor who appeared in various television programs, had died instantly. Now a TikTok video perfectly explains how the events happened.

AI video of Octavio describes his life and tragic death

Video of Octavio Ocaña emerges from the afterlife
PHOTO: Mezcalent

TikTok user @conocemihistoriaoficial, is dedicated to making videos about celebrities who have died in heartbreaking ways. They use artificial intelligence (AI) to animate the deceased, in order to tell their story.

Octavio is no exception. Despite the fact that they have made several videos about celebrities who have died in a heartbreaking way, the one of the Benito Rivers actor is one of the most viewed.

Octavio had great charisma which opened doors for him

Video of Octavio Ocaña emerges from the afterlife

Many don’t know this but Octavio Ocana got his start in television on the popular Sunday show En Familia con Chabelo as an extra with the main host Xavier López Rodríguez. Octavio’s story in the video begins this way.

«I was born on November 7, 1998 in Villahermosa Tabasco, at the age of four I appeared as an extra in Familia con Chabelo in the ‘Chiquillos y Chiquillas’ segment.» Later, Octavio was cast in the role that would make him famous. «At the age of six I began to play Benito Rivers.»

The actor’s wedding plans


The video explains how Octavio’s charisma caught the eye of actor Eugenio Derbez. «He convinced my father to do the casting for the legendary Benito Rivers. They taught me to act and now we are a family,» he says in the video.

In his teens, Octavio meets falls madly in love with the woman he wanted to marry. «One day I was in Ecatepec, in a truck with friends, some policemen asked me to stop (…) I decide to leave and they chased me. I decide to leave the place and they start shooting at me,» the video continues.

The moment of his death

PHOTO: Mezcalent

The video describes how he was killed. «When going down a highway, they made me lose control and crash. We are in shock. A policeman approaches me with his weapon and threatens me,» says Octavio in the video

«A shot hit me directly in the head. Despite that, I am still alive, but only to see how my things are stolen. The ambulance came for me but only to see me bleed to death. They didn’t do anything for me, the cops didn’t do anything for me.» This AI-created video has been one of the most viewed, and has caused quite a stir.

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