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Diego Silva/MundoNow
  • Enjoy a day at the races with Daniel Suárez and Coca-Cola.
  • Nascar fans get carried away by the adrenaline.
  • Find out about everything that fans of the Mexican driver experienced in Las Vegas.

How do Nascar fans enjoy a day at the races? We went all the way to Las Vegas to find out! On October 16, the Nascar Cup Series South Point 400 was held in the entertainment capital, Las Vegas, where thousands of racing fans gathered.

There, we talked with the attendees, who said Nascar is exciting entertainment for all ages. They also stressed they were there to unconditionally support driver Daniel Suárez, one of the darlings of the circuit.

A day at the races: How fans experienced the Nascar Cup Series in Las Vegas

Diego Silva/MundoNow

We came to Nevada to talk with the attendees of the South Point 400 Cup Series at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. There, we found many members of the Hispanic community in the United States, who were ready to make the most of this exciting event.

Nascar fans had a day at the races that was filled with emotion and entertainment. A go-kart circuit was available to all attendees over the age of seven, showing that the Cup Series is an event that awakens adrenaline at any age.

A family atmosphere

Daniel Suárez signing shirt
Diego Silva/MundoNow

Fans love Nascar so much that some of them described this event as the best day of their lives. On a day at the races, the most popular drivers on the circuit meet, such as Daniel Suárez, a driver who has captured the public’s attention, especially those in the Hispanic community.

On the Nascar circuit, everyone has fun in a familial environment that is viewed as a unique experience where adrenaline is the main draw of a hobby that has become a true passion for everyone there. Learn more about the Nascar Cup Series with Coca-Cola and our special envoys who will share the best moments of your favorite sport so you can enjoy it as if you were there. See you next time!

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