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71 years in jail! Diego Santoy receives his 15-year sentence in the Cumbres case

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  • Diego Santoy Riveroll receives 71 years in prison as sentence for Cumbres case
  • 15 years after the murder of little Erick and María Fernanda Peña Coss
  • Santoy will also have to pay more than 330 thousand pesos as damage repair

Diego Santoy judges the Cumbres case. In accordance with The UniversaHe, after the 15th anniversary of the murder Diego Santoy Riveroll, accused of the double crime, received a sentence of 71 years, seven months and 27 days in prison for the brothers Erick and María Fernanda Peña Coss, aged seven and three.

In addition, Santoy will have to cover more than 330 thousand pesos as compensation for damages for the double murder, psychological damages caused to Tere Coss, the mother of the minors and his ex-girlfriend, Erika Peña, as well as to the domestic employee of the Catalina Bautista family, who was illegally deprived of liberty after the double crime.

You will also have to pay more than 53 thousand pesos to cover medical expenses to the Civil Hospital of the Autonomous University of Nuevo León (UANL).

Diego Santoy Riveroll sentence Cumbres case


In February 2020, Diego Santoy managed to have the Superior Court of Justice overturn a sentence of 138 years in prison, which was handed down against him on October 11, 2011, the first criminal court of Monterrey for the crimes of qualified homicide, qualified homicide. in degree of attempt, qualified robbery and illegal deprivation of liberty.

With this resolution, the court of the traditional system reopened the case in order to issue a new sentence that was known on Monday of this week, since the defense of Santoy requested through an amparo new proceedings of confrontation with his ex-girlfriend Erika Peña Coss.

Diego Santoy Riveroll judgment in the Cumbres 2 case


Azura, her sister, and Tere Coss, mother of both, alleging that the defendant’s legal advisor was not present at the ones initially held, violating due process.

Diego Santoy, who could protect himself or appeal the new resolution, has been imprisoned in the Cadereyta prison since March 2006, a few days after being arrested in Oaxaca, where, aboard a passenger bus and accompanied by a brother, he intended to flee the country by the southern border.

In prison he had a son with a young woman, who through social networks founded a «fan club» to advocate for his freedom, as his admirers claimed that he was innocent or had acted by manipulation of his girlfriend and, in the worst case, They pointed out that he was not the only one guilty of the murder of the Peña Coss brothers.


At dawn on March 2, 2006, Santoy Riveroll murdered the younger brothers of his then partner Erika after the breakdown of their relationship, according to the portal Process.


When the children were at their home in the Cumbres neighborhood, in Monterrey, Nuevo León, Diego attacked Érika on the neck and kidnapped the domestic worker.


Erika Peña Coss got out with her life, while her ex-partner was nicknamed «Peak Assassin» and is now serving a 138-year sentence that for good behavior was reduced to 71 years.

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Filed as Diego Santoy Riveroll sentences Cumbres case

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