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7 ways to stay cool in a heat wave

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Follow these tips to stay cool during a heat wave! During the summer, it is normal for temperatures and humidity to rise sharply, leading to heat waves that can last for days or even weeks. Luckily there are some simple ways to protect your body from the ravages of summer, whether you’re indoors or outside.

A few weeks before the first heat wave, it is important to prepare so that the high temperatures do not take you by surprise and cause you problems such as excessive sweating or dehydration. Here are seven things you can do to stay cool in a heat wave!

7. Prepare all-natural fruit drinks

7 ways to stay cool in a heat wave

One of the best tips that you can follow all year round, but even more so in the summer, is to hydrate your body with 100% natural drinks. And what’s better than preparing them at home? Choose your favorite fruits and combine them for refreshing flavors that your body will instantly thank you for.

To prepare the best smoothie recipes, you only need fruit, water, ice and sugar to taste, depending on the consistency you want to achieve. In addition being affordable, they offer you essential nutrients for your body to resist the high temperatures of summer.

6. Freeze your pillow

7 ways to stay cool in a heat wave

Summers in the United States often bring numerous heat waves that affect people of all ages. Sometimes temperatures are so high that they cause discomfort such as headaches, dizziness, extreme thirst and a general feeling of malaise. It is possible to combat these symptoms by taking creative measures such as freezing your pillow or putting it in the fridge for a few minutes.

This will help you get a better rest despite the high temperatures and forget, at least for a while, the less comfortable side of summer. You can apply this same technique with your facial masks, beauty products.

5. Lower the shades during the day

7 ways to stay cool in a heat wave

Getting curtains with protection against UV rays could be one of your best investments for the summer since they can block up to 99% of light from the outside and, thus, keep your house cool even when the sun is at its peak.

If you are inside the house, you will notice how your rooms suffer less from the heat wave that is hitting outside. If you are outside, you’ll know you have a cool oasis to return to.

4. Stay hydrated to beat the heat

Water to resist the heat

According to statistics, dehydration occurs more frequently during the summer. During heat waves people suffer from extreme thirst, dizziness or even fainting associated with the combination of poor hydration and increased exposure to the outside.

Along with a balanced diet that includes all food groups, it is recommended to consume between two and two and a half liters of natural water per day during the summer months. With this, you will be able to maintain greater concentration and strength to get through the day.

3. Freezing water bottles will help you fight the heat

Bottles to make you feel less hot

Water comes in handy to keep you hydrated during a summer heat wave but it also serves as an effective way to cool down your body when taking a nap or resting at night! Just freeze a bottle of water to feel its effects!

When the water reaches its freezing point and it is time to go to bed, place it on your feet (avoiding direct contact). This will keep your whole body cool, as your feet are particularly sensitive to temperature changes.

2. Wear cotton clothes so you don’t feel hot


Wearing light colored cotton clothing is another way to keep dreaded summer heat waves at bay. Generally speaking, wearing white and avoiding dark tones will prevent heat absorption.

It is recommended to wear cotton clothing in the summer, since it is breathable. Another advantage of cotton is that it is a comfortable, inexpensive and helps to protect your skin from harsh rays.

1. Avoid using the oven


There is a reason why summers are the perfect season to prepare a barbecue on the patio. Using the oven regularly in this season makes your house feel hotter.

If there is a risk of a heat wave where you live, use the stove, microwave or outdoor grills, and prepare foods to keep you cool in the heat wave like fresh vegetables and fruits or sandwiches! Your creativity could save you from the effects of a heat wave!

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