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6-year-old boy dies after being beaten with a baseball bat during a home invasion

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Jeremy Díaz, dies beaten, baseball bat
Jeremy Díaz dies after being beaten with a baseball bat (Photo: Gofundme/Shutterstock)
  • Jeremy Díaz dies after beating.
  • His neighbor was arrested for the crime.
  • Jeremy’s tragic death has shocked the community.

The hearts of a Hispanic family were forever shattered after Jeremy Díaz died.

The six-year-old fought to recover from the attack for two months in a Texas hospital.

A neighbor, Daniel Logan, allegedly entered the house and assaulted two adults as well.

«Jeremy is a bright, vibrant child with a heart full of dreams and a future brimming with potential,» his father, Arturo Díaz, wrote in a September 14 GoFundMe account.

Jeremy’s innocent life was cut short

Jeremy Díaz, child, Hispanic, death, tragedy

«But his life took a tragic turn when he was viciously attacked in his home, leaving him with severe injuries and a long, uncertain road to recovery,» his father continued

Jeremy’s innocent smile faded in an instant and his body was being kept alive by machines because he couldn’t breathe on his own.

Jeremy Díaz was hospitalized on Sept. 11 after suffering skull fractures and brain swelling, sheriff’s deputies said in a statement.

Daniel Logan was placed under arrest that same day and charged with two felonies.

Jeremy Díaz’s murder was found unfit to stand trial

small, crime, doubt, attacker, mental health

Logan also attacked Jeremy’s mother and another adult who tried to intervene. He faces one count of injury to a child and one count of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

The defendant was given bail of $600,000, and remains in custody. As Jeremy fought for his life, a court declared his alleged attacker mentally incompetent to stand trial.

A psychiatric evaluation later this month will determine next steps.

At first the little boy showed slight improvement, so the community was shocked to learn of his death.

Jeremy Díaz dies after being beaten by a neighbor

Baseball bat, death, hospital, tragedy, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Gofundme

«Early this morning I was checking him and noticed a pale face and eyes with no motion. Then his heart stopped, wrote Jeremy’s father Arturo Díaz in an update on the GoFundMe account he set up for his son’s medical expenses.

«They tried to resuscitate him, but it was not successful,» he added in the emotional message on the donation page.

The pain that tears Arturo’s soul shows it in every word, because Jeremy was a superhero to his brother and an inspiration to his parents.

«Little by little I’m realizing that my boy is no longer here with me (…) It’s like a bad dream,» says Díaz.

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