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6 simple tips to reduce anxiety without drugs

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  • In the United States, 19% of the population suffers from some type of anxiety disorder. 
  • This condition occurs more frequently in women than in men.
  • Changing habits could help reduce anxiety without drugs.

In the United States alone, more than 19% of the population, including children and adults, suffer from some type of anxiety disorder. It’s a condition that can cause mild to severe symptoms which can affect people’s quality of life.

In the mildest cases, it is possible to treat anxiety with therapy and adopting some strategies to deal with the triggers that cause symptoms. Here are six tips to reduce anxiety naturally!

6. Exercise


Reducing anxiety is a gradual process, since it is about finding the strategies that best suit your lifestyle, particular needs and even your personality. However, mental health experts say that exercise is one of the first habits to establish if you’ve been diagnosed with anxiety.

It is not about doing a strenuous workout every day, but about finding a physical outlet that allows your mind to free itself, at least for a moment, from its worries. One of the most recommended activities is yoga, a discipline that helps you relax your muscles and work on your breathing — two key elements to relax and focus your thoughts.

5. Breathing exercises to reduce anxiety

A man breathing to calm anxiety

If you want to know how to reduce anxiety, try doing breathing exercises on a regular basis. According to science, breathing is key to calming episodes of anxiety, since slow and sustained breaths send the message to the brain that the body is safe.

When working on breathing, the body and the brain combat the fight or flight response to stressful situations. Visualizing yourself in a safe place will help focus your attention on a positive setting that provides comfort and security.

4. Get outside to reduce anxiety

Boy with open arms as an idea to eliminate anxiety

For many people, anxiety can be triggered more easily inside a closed place. Therefore, as soon as your anxiety flares up, it’s ideal to change your environment and get some fresh air to feel a greater sense of freedom.

Changing your focus, smelling different scents, and touching other textures can also be very helpful in putting a stop to negative thoughts or the choking sensation that sometimes occurs during an anxiety attack.

3. Listen to music

Girl listening to songs to fight anxiety

In milder cases, anxiety can be controlled by engaging in recreational activities that awaken the senses. By listening to or singing a relaxing melody, your body gets a break from stimuli that cause anxiety.

Along with listening to music, chewing gum, dancing, holding a stress ball or simply trying to relax your limbs are recommended. All this will serve to improve your mood, release tension and prepare your body to respond more calmly to sensations that seem threatening.

2. Write


Writing down what’s bothering you can help you free your mind and see your thoughts, feelings, and ideas in a new perspective — especially when they’re affecting you in a negative way. Putting what you feel into words and then reading it will change your outlook and may help you see things from a place of greater calm and certainty.

Forget about spelling, punctuation, or consistency. The goal of writing is to free yourself from worries. The act of writing is a moment with yourself to identify what worries you, externalize it and turn the page with a new and better attitude.

1. Do not let your negative thoughts take over


A strategy to reduce the feeling of anxiety is to express your concerns with people you trust completely, but also to avoid immersing yourself in your negative thoughts. Remember that many times it is important to take a moment to assess the situation and react calmly.

The more you think about what torments or worries you, the more force those ideas will have and the more likely you are to make impulsive decisions. The important thing is to try to rationalize what is causing you stress and clear your thoughts with the help of professionals who specialize in anxiety disorders.

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