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Six people killed in an armed attack on a soccer field (PHOTOS)

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  • Six people, including children, killed in armed attack in Mexico.
  • Authorities reveal what happened.
  • The attack occurred on a soccer field in Atotonilco de Tula.

Six people killed in an attack on a soccer field in Mexico. A terrible tragedy in the world of sports occurred last weekend in Mexico. Six people, including children, were killed during a soccer match.

Official reports indicate that shooting broke out, killing several people. Crime in the country has been on the rise for a long time, however, events of this type have been increasing since the beginning of 2023.

Six people killed on a soccer field in Mexico

PHOTO: Twitter

Six people, including three children, were killed in an armed attack on a soccer field in central Mexico, state authorities announced Monday according to The Associated Press. The incident occurred on Sunday night in the central municipality of Atotonilco de Tula, Hidalgo.

Reports indicate that the attack was carried out by several armed men who showed up at the town’s sports field and, after demanding the children be taken out, began shooting, the director of the municipal police, Alejandro Rosales, told the press.

The bodies were on the field

PHOTO: Twitter

According the AP, three adults and three children were taken to the hospital but died of their injuries.

Alejandro Rosales indicated that the police have not yet been able to identify the perpetrators of the attack because witnesses have been too afraid to provide information about what happened.

Something similar happened a few months ago

Mueren seis personas en campo de fútbol
PHOTO: Twitter

Something similar occurred last September in the central state of Morelos where several armed individuals, traveling in two vehicles, shot at a group of people who were at the sports center after a soccer match.

According to the few reports on the incident, four people were killed in the attack, including a former mayor, and eight others were injured.

The most dangerous state in Mexico today?

Mueren seis personas en campo de fútbol
PHOTO: Twitter

According to El debate, Hidalgo has a number of criminal groups involved in robbery and trafficking. It is one of the states in Mexico with the highest number of murders registered so far this year.

The outlet also revealed that there have been approximately more than 340,000 murders and some 100,000 disappearances. This is a consequence of the disputes between criminal groups which have increased with the criminal anti-drug offensive.

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