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5 things to know about dating a Gemini man

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If a Gemini man has caught your eye lately—or better yet, you’ve caught his—there are a few things you need to know about dating a man born under this mercurial sign. The third zodiac sign rules from May 21 to June 20 and is symbolized by the twins.

This means you are definitely in for an adventure so you better be on your toes!

1. There are two sides to everything.

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This is especially true for the Gemini man or woman. It’s a wonderful trait when it comes to understanding other people’s point of view and it’s great if you thrive on a certain level of unpredictability—he’ll always keep you guessing! The down side is that he craves variety (meaning he can get bored easily) and you may be dealing with a bit of a Jekyll and Hyde at times.

Gemini’s element is air which is all about the brain. He’s cerebral, curious, craves intellectual stimulation and is always striving to learn new skills. He also loves to talk and all of that thinking makes him an excellent communicator. That’s always a plus in a relationship! However, he may hide his true feelings behind all that talk.

2. He loves to mix and mingle

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The twins symbolize Gemini’s dual nature but they also represent his desire to interact with those around him. He’s an exuberant, fun-loving social butterfly who enjoys meeting new people and is often the life of the party. Although he’s playful and energetic, a Gemini man in love isn’t likely to sweep you off your feet with intense passion or serious romantic gestures. That doesn’t mean he isn’t passionate about you, but his intellectual approach may come across as unemotional at times.

3. He’s a master debater.

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Your man loves a stimulating conversation and he’s witty and quick on his feet. He’s always in the mood for a little verbal foreplay. Though you’ll have to get used to losing almost every argument since his relentless logic almost always prevails. Don’t let his intellectual nature fool you, Geminis are playful and fun loving in the bedroom too. He’s always up for experimenting and trying new things so take advantage!

4. He’s a sharp-dressed man.

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Although he’s not one to spend money frivolously, the Gemini man knows how to put an outfit together and enjoys a good shopping trip. You’ll never have to worry that he’ll show up to dinner with your parents in flip-flops and ripped jeans. You may want to rethink this relationship if you’re the jealous type. He’s a charmer and a natural flirt so get used to it!

5. When he does fall, he falls hard.

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Dating a Gemini man requires patience. He may seem a little wishy-washy, a little hard to pin down and his tendency to deflect with logic can come across as cold, just give him time to really get to know you. He doesn’t fall in love quickly but once he’s in it, he’s fully committed. He’s most compatible with Aquarius or Libra. If you’re a Gemini too it gets really interesting! However if you are a Pisces or Virgo, you could be in for a bumpy relationship.

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