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Do you know the 5 strangest phobias?

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  • Learn about some of the strangest phobias people all around the world suffer from! 
  • No one know what causes them and often there’s no cure. 
  • Science has not been able to explain these fears.

What are the strangest phobias you know? It’s not uncommon to have fears and aversions to some things. However, when it begins to affect your quality of life and causes physical and emotional symptoms, then it is a severe phobia.

The medical community still doesn’t agree on where some phobias come from, and they haven’t come to a conclusion about the best way to address them. Discover five strange phobias that affect the mental health of children and adults around the world.

5. The strangest phobias: Eisoptrophobia

the strangest phobias

Many strange phobias are misunderstood because they seem irrational to most people. In the case of eisoptrophobia, the medical community still does not agree on what causes the excessive fear of seeing one’s own reflection in a mirror.

In most cases, it has been associated with low self-esteem or an irrational fear of finding something in the reflection that is out of the ordinary. Usually, there is a fear of seeing an unknown entity in the reflection or witnessing a supernatural event. There is also the worry that the mirror will break, which is associated with superstitions.

4. Trypophobia


Trypophobia is one of the strangest phobias, but also one of the most common! Although there is no scientific reason for it, millions of people around the world have reported intense fear of or revulsion for patterns of small holes or irregular gaps.

These can be found in nature or in artificial products. They appear in beehives, soap bubbles and peg boards. Trypophobia sufferers will feel uncomfortable or experience symptoms such as chills, nausea, or panic upon seeing small holes or circular bumps.

3. Nomophobia

cell phone addiction

Mobile device addiction is real at any age! This phobia, whose name derives from the term ‘No Mobile Phobia’, consists of developing extreme fear or anxiety when you are away from your mobile device.

Those who suffer from nomophobia tend to suffer from symptoms such as anxiety, a feeling of distress, abrupt mood swings, excessive worry, rapid heartbeat, and extreme sweating whenever they are away from their device or unable to use it for any reason. The need for constant contact and the fear of missing out on an important event are factors that could contribute to the development of this relatively new phobia.

2. The strangest phobias: Mysophobia

The strangest phobias

According to Neuroscience News, one in five people suffers from mysophobia — a fear of, or aversion to, dirt and germs. In colloquial terms, it is also described as bacteriophobia or germophobia, and is a cause of generalized anxiety.

One of the most common symptoms of mysophobia is obsessive thoughts about cleanliness or dirt. In most cases, those who suffer from it tend to become obsessed with cleanliness, excessive hand washing or disinfection of surfaces in bathrooms, public transport and hospitals, which sometimes negatively affects their quality of life and personal relationships.

1. Caetophobia

fear of hair

Have you heard about caetophobia? This is on the list of the strangest phobias, as it describes the fear or extreme aversion to hair. In manifests as fear of seeing or coming into contact with hair on others and on oneself.

Sufferers may avoid hugging people, going to beauty salons or barbershops, and avoid touching their own hair. when it is not possible to protect themselves from this, symptoms such as nausea, chills, vomiting or a general feeling of anxiety can occur.

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