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5 sexy tips for a hot evening

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  • Here are some sexy tips to have a hot evening.
  • It’s time to get creative in the bedroom.
  • You won’t be disappointed with the results!

You have a hot evening planned with your significant other. You want everything to be perfect to unleash your passion and have the sexiest night of your life. We have some sex tips for an evening you and your partner will never forget.

Get ready ahead of time. Put on fresh sheets in a color that turns you on. Perfume the room lightly and set up some mood lighting. Try  putting on some soft music. Although it may seem strange to you, heavy metal IS sexy for you and him. We are talking about a hot and sexy evening, not necessarily romantic (although they are not mutually exclusive). Remove everything that is not erotic that could distract you from the room — stuffed animals, pets, work folders, family photos, etc.

Get ready


Pamper yourself so you feel like a sex goddess for the evening. Take a bath, get rid of unwanted hair and put on makeup that can stand up to the action. Looking glamorous when you open the door doesn’t help much if you wind up looking like a clown.

Massage yourself with some light oil or scented lotion. Wear something sexy that can be taken off little by little or that you can leave on during sex.

Think about him

Man and woman taking a bath in tub

Remember all those things that he has told you that he likes. Maybe he hasn’t told you directly but he has mentioned it in passing or he has dropped some hints. Did he tell you that he has an elevator fantasy?

Did he ever say that he wouldn’t mind a woman fondling his perineum? Have scented oil handy and give him a massage ALL OVER. Be careful with fingers and dildos in your man’s anus, not everyone likes that!

Toys for him

A man and a girl in bed

Have some sex toys and lube on hand. And, of course, plenty of condoms. Don’t leave them out, but keep them close by so you have them when you need them. Surprise him with dildos, battery-powered toys, handcuffs, bondage.. whatever you find erotic.

Turn up the heat

Turn up the heat before he arrives. Caress yourself or start masturbating without finishing. Let the excitement take over your body. Drink a glass of wine if that helps (just one), dance naked, watch porn, whatever makes you feel sexual and open. When he arrives, all your senses will ready for a high octane night.

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