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At least 5 migrants are dead and 5 are missing after boat capsized near Florida

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  • At least 5 migrants from Cuba are dead and 5 are missing.
  • Their boat capsized off the Florida coast.
  • The migrants’ tragic end.

Authorities shared the tragic discovery of those who were seeking the American Dream. They found at least five migrants dead after a boat shipwrecked near Florida. Five others are missing.

At least five of about fifteen migrants who tried to reach the coast of the United States near Florida drowned when the boat they were traveling in capsized on Saturday night, the US Coast Guard reported on Sunday according to EFE.

Authorities find at least 5 migrants dead after they shipwrecked near Florida

They find at least five migrants dead when they shipwrecked near Florida
PHOTO: Capture CNN website

The Coast Guard did not report the origin of the migrants, who are mostly Cubans or Haitians who crossed the Straits of Florida. The Coast Guard said it has only recovered the body of one of at least five people who were reported drowned at the time of the shipwreck.

He also specified that they are looking for about five more people and that nine were rescued. The immigrants faced dangerous winds yesterday that reached 30 miles per hour (about 50 kilometers) near the Florida Keys, a chain of islands in the southeastern United States, about 90 nautical miles from Cuba.

The search continues for the missing people

They continue with the search where at least 19 people
PHOTO: Capture Twitter

CNN reported that teams are continuing to search for the remainder of at least 19 people who were aboard the boat at the time it capsized, according to the Coast Guard. Some of the rescued migrants were wearing life jackets.

Yahoo News highlights that the serious economic crisis in Cuba has caused a massive increase in migration from the island. Some migrants try to reach Florida in rickety boats, though most fly to Central America or Mexico and reach the US border by land.

The Coast Guard found a total of 7,175 migrants making clandestine trips last year

The federal agency found a total of 7,175 migrants in clandestine trips
PHOTO: Capture Twitter

Authorities continue to search for migrants in the area of the shipwreck about 50 miles (80 kilometers) from Little Torch Key. On the other hand, on Saturday, a Coast Guard ship transferred 217 Haitian immigrants to the Bahamas islands, after intercepting them in a rustic boat near Dog Rocks, in Bimini.

Since October 1, when the current fiscal year began, the Coast Guard has intercepted 395 Haitian immigrants. During the past fiscal year, they found a total of 7,175 migrants from that country in clandestine trips.

Migrants do not realize the dangers

Migrants do not measure the complications and risks to which they could be exposed
PHOTO: Capture Twitter

Finally, it is estimated that a record 220,000 Cubans were detained at the border between Mexico and the United States in fiscal year 2022, which ended on September 30. The vast majority were allowed to enter the United States to pursue immigration cases.

However, a large number of people do not realize the risks of traveling to the US. At the end of the day, this is the last point to consider when trying to achieve financial stability and a better life. With information from the EFE Agency, CNN and Yahoo News.

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