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Officials find 45 migrants in a vehicle disguised as a garbage truck

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  • 45 migrants were found in a trailer.
  • The tractor-trailer was disguised as a garbage truck.
  • The National Guard made the discovery.

MIGRANTS FOUND IN A GARBAGE TRUCK! The Mexican National Guard made an important discovery, finding 45 people in a tractor-trailer that was disguised as a garbage truck transporting waste. The people who were found said that they were going to the United States.

Every week, thousands of people travel set out to try to achieve the American Dream, risking their lives and taking on challenges to reach the border between Mexico and the United States. Therefore, in recent weeks, and after the tragic incident in San Anthonio, Texas, security has increased in both countries.


Photo: Twitter

The discovery of 45 migrants in a tractor-trailer that appeared to be a garbage truck was announced in a statement by the National Migration Institute. The Mexican National Guard made the discovery and determined that the people who were hidden in the truck were heading for the United States.

“The Instituo Nacional de Migración (INM) of the Secretaría de Gobernación identified 45 foreign migrants who were traveling crowded in a hidden compartment of a tractor-trailer that, apparently, was transporting industrial waste,” stated the press release shared by the INM.

Where were they coming from?

Where do migrants come from?
Photo: Twitter

It was reported that the 45 people who were traveling in the trailer disguised as a garbage truck were from various Central American, Caribbean, South American and Asian countries. Among them, it is known that 11 people are women and 34 are men. At the moment, the people are in the custody of the INM.

“These are 20 people from Venezuela, nine from the Dominican Republic, five from Ecuador, five from Cuba, three from Bangladesh and one for each of the following countries: Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua. Of the migrants, 11 are women and 34 men, all of legal age,” indicated the INM.

How were they discovered?

How were the migrants discovered?
Photo: Twitter

The INM reported that the people were found in the rear of the transport where different types of materials could be seen that gave the appearance of a garbage truck transporting industrial waste. Opening the doors, they were able to hear voices and that led them to discover a passageway where they were hidden.

“When opening the rear door of the cargo transport, only crushed metal sheets, tubes, lids and cans were visible. However, behind it people’s voices could be heard. In the lower right part of the wall that formed the industrial waste, a passage was uncovered in which only one person could enter or exit — on his knees,» they reported.

Did officials prevent a tragedy?

Migrants find garbage truck: Did they prevent a tragedy?
Photo: Twitter

Everything seems to be that the Guardia Nacional Mexicana prevented an incident similar to that of the trailer found in San Antonio, Texas, where more than 50 people died due to lack of ventilation. The INM, in its statement, described how the migrants were found and that the truck they were traveling in did not have any type of ventilation.

“Around 4:50 a.m., members of the Guardia Nacional (GN) requested the presence of the INM to help a group of migrants of different nationalities. (…) Upon entering the compartment, mattresses were found between cyclone mesh walls that were attached to tubular structures, where foreign migrants were taken without ventilation, ” declared. Filed Under: Migrants garbage truck

What happened to the migrants and the driver?

Migrants find garbage truck: What happened to the migrants and the driver?
Photo: Twitter

Finally, it was reported that the migrants were transferred to the INM Migration Station, which is located in Acayucan, Veracruz. They declared that their state of health was verified and later, the corresponding consular officers were notified. It was also reported that the driver is in the custody of the ministerial Mexican authorities.

“Finally, they were transferred to the INM Immigration Station in Acayucan, Veracruz, to verify their health condition and initiate the legal administrative procedure that involves informing the corresponding consular authorities and establishing their condition of stay in Mexican territory. The driver and the unit were placed at the disposal of the ministerial authorities of the state. Filed Under: Migrants garbage truck

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