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4 ways to avoid infidelity whether you’re dating or married

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Anyone who is in a monogamous relationship, whether dating or married, can benefit from learning the best techniques to avoid infidelity.

According to statistics, men are the most likely to cheat. In fact, approximately 20% of men have reported cheating on their partners at least once, while it’s 13% for women. However, taking into account that 70% of the US population has declared being unfaithful during marriage, perhaps it is best to find ways to avoid infidelity no matter. Here are the best techniques!

4. Always maintain good communication

A couple in a moment of chat

Do you want to know how to avoid infidelity? Commit to a relationship based on respect and communication in which you feel free to talk about anything that causes you concern, fear or that could put your relationship at risk.

If there is something in your relationship that is making you consider cheating, make it an opportunity to talk with your partner. This will help you spend quality time together and try to improve your relationship in a healthy way.

3. Talk about your concerns with people you trust

Couple talking in bed

It is not about screaming our marital problems to the whole world, but about seeking the understanding and guidance of people who may have been through the same thing and who have a broader perspective of the challenges involved in maintaining a relationship free of infidelity.

If you want to know how to avoid infidelity, one of the first steps is to seek help and accept it. Discussing possible cheating with a family member, therapist, or friend will help you decide if this is a decision you can live with long-term and if you’re willing to face the consequences.

2. Vocalize your needs


Sometimes, you may feel that your needs aren’t being acknowledged. This can be due to a lack of communication or issues such as the day-to-day routine. Don’t let this prevent you from addressing ways that you’re relationship isn’t working. Perhaps remedying it is easier than you imagine.

Another tool that can be just as useful is to make a point of telling your partner things you love about him or her every day. Remembering why you chose to build a life together is be key to avoiding infidelity and growing stronger together.

1. Don’t let exes into your life


An infallible way to avoid infidelity is not to let old flames back into your life. It is easy to succumb to passion, especially with people you’ve had a relationship with in the past.

Keeping exes out of your life is important for every relationship, even if you don’t cheat physically, emotional infidelity can be even more destructive.

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