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Four good reasons to chew your food well

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  • Do you eat too quickly? Learn the advantages of chewing thoroughly! 
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Are you one of those people who eats very quickly? Here are four reasons to chew your food well! It is common for people to wolf down their meals, but this can wreak havoc on your health, causing abdominal pain, constipation and even diarrhea.

If you feel that you are in a hurry or that you are very hungry and want to eat quickly, take into account that chewing food well benefits your health. Here are four good reasons to chew your food well!

4. Chewing thoroughly promotes digestion

Reasons to chew food well

One of the main reasons to chew your food well is that your stomach will thank you. This is partly because when you chew thoroughly it processes your food before it gets to your stomach and, at the same time, stimulates the production of digestive enzymes.

By chewing more slowly and processing food better, your intestines don’t have to work as hard. This aids digestion and helps stave off inflammation and indigestion. Without a doubt, this is a reason to become more aware of how you chew.

3. Chewing well can help with weight loss


If you are looking to lose weight or are already in a caloric deficit, chewing your food well will help and it’s proven by science! When you chew more slowly and carefully, you tend to eat less. It is very possible that if you adopt this habit you will feel fuller too!

Several scientific studies have found that the more slowly you chew, the more beneficial it is for regulating hormone levels and sending the signal to the body that you are full. This will help you stick to your diet.

2. It improves concentration

Reasons to chew food well

This will surprise you! Have you ever felt less anxiety when you chew gum? The chewing process also has benefits for cognitive health, especially for stimulating concentration and focusing attention on everyday tasks.

According to science, as time goes by, people tend to chew their food less, resulting in stomach upsets that their well-being. Chewing is directly related to cognitive function, which means that adopting better eating habits will help you learn more, be more productive, drive more carefully, and stay alert for longer.

1. Chewing well reduces cravings

Reasons to chew food well

It is normal for you to have food cravings or to ‘eat your feelings’. If you want to reduce these cravings as much as possible, one option is to chew your food well, because it will focus your mindfulness on what you are consuming.

Regulating hormone levels is also key to reducing cravings and it has been found that people who chew slowly are less prone to binge eating, cravings for processed food and, in general, are less likely fall prey to emotional eating.

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