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4 nightly habits to help you lose weight

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Losing weight is a task that requires discipline and a sensible diet, but it is also a process that involves other factors such as exercise and even changing some of your habits before going to bed.

Believe it or not, what you do before bed can negatively or favorably influence weight loss and adopting some nightly habits to lose weight could be the key to shedding those unwanted pounds. Find out what they are!

4. Establish a healthy sleep routine


One of the first steps to lose weight steadily and permanently is to give priority to getting a good nights sleep. This means that your body requires at least seven or eight hours of sleep in order to regulate the hormonal functions that impact your metabolism.

According to experts in diet and sleep patterns, when a person does not get enough rest at night, they are at greater risk of gaining weight in the long term, since you tend to feel hungry and give in to cravings.

3. Smaller portions at dinner will help you lose weight

An egg pancake for weight control


There are two factors that will make a difference in your daily life and help you speed up the weight loss process. One of them is making a habit of eating at the same time every day. This will help you fall asleep more quickly and will cause your brain to release ‘hunger hormones’ to digest food and allow you to get a better night’s rest.

This is enhanced if you eat small portions for dinner, as it will take more energy for your body to digest a large amount of food. And, eating foods with high fat or carbohydrate content, will make it harder for you to sleep, which will undoubtedly slow down the weight loss.

2. Avoid using electronic devices at night if you want to lose weight


Keeping the television, cell phone, and tablets on at bedtime is one of the habits that nutrition specialists recommend avoiding at all costs, as these considerably reduce melatonin levels, which are responsible for improving your quality of sleep.

It is best to turn off all mobile devices at least 30 minutes before going to bed. You should also avoid eating while watching television or scrolling through your phone, as this could distract you from the amount of food you are consuming.

1. Do light exercises before bed

Woman finishing exercise to lose weight


To lose weight, perhaps one of the main habits you should adopt is moderate physical exercise. One of the main myths for people who are trying to lose weight is that you need to do a lot of cardio, such as running or walking long distances, but this does not have to be the case.

In fact, the most recent scientific findings say that just doing 20 to 30 minutes of yoga before bed is enough for the body to reap the benefits of exercise and gradually adapt to your new lifestyle. If you adopt these nightly habits to lose weight, the pounds will melt away.

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