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Teen queen: 18 beauty tips for young ladies on the go

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Think of the first time you tried to put on makeup on your own as a teenager. Emphasis on «you tried». Clearly, teen beauty tips matter, too. They need a lot of help. The day your daughter goes from being your baby and becomes a teenager will be scary. And just like many aspects of growing up, it’s best if you are open and supportive as she discovers who she is. Teenage girls are not only discovering what their interests are, they are also discovering their personal style. And you need to be there with age-appropriate advice to improve their self-confidence.

According to makeup artist Bobbi Brown, it’s okay for teenage girls to wear makeup as long as it’s done with flair. «Teen makeup is about bringing out natural beauty and having a little fun, not wearing it to cover up what you don’t like.» Here are 18 beauty tips for teens so they can take over the world, one smile at a time.

1. Blank canvas

A teenager looking at himself with a smile in the mirror

Wash your face every day and never apply makeup on a dirty foundation. Find a face soap suitable for your skin, if your skin is sensitive, use a cleanser that is not too harsh and if your skin is oily find one that really cleans your pores. Start fresh each morning and take care of your complexion first. No makeup will cover unhealthy skin so take care of it.

2. Don’t pick

If your teen gets a pimple (and trust us, she will), encourage her to keep her hands away from the scene of the crime. Like so many of us learned the hard way, playing with a pimple will only make it worse. And not only that, you could cause permanent damage that will be even more difficult to cover. Not worth it.

3. Tell your daughter not to use foundation


Bobbi Brown suggests that adolescent girls not use foundation and we agree. They don’t need it and it will make them look unnecessarily mature instead of young and pretty.

4. Balance skin tone

Instead of foundation, which can alter skin tone, your teen should use a good tinted moisturizer which should work if they want to cover a bit without looking too heavy.

5. Sun protection is a priority

A teenage girl with a bottle of sunscreen

A good tan might look pretty now, but it’s not great when it comes to pretty, glowing skin in the future. We remember hanging out by the pool as a teen and, while it was fun, our current wrinkles don’t quite agree. Encourage her to wear sun protection from an early age.

6. Cover (and heal) pimples

It’s tempting to try to cover up every blemish, but don’t overdo it. Help your teen find a concealer that matches her skin tone and type, and teach her how to gently apply it to acne.

7. Tell your daughter that simple looks good

A teenage girl with cotton wool on her face in front of a mirror

Yes, the Kardashians are wearing layer upon layer of blush and bronzer but that doesn’t mean your teen should do the same. Something simple works great for teenage girls. A little blush can work on the lips and cheeks, creating a natural look.

8. Concealer is essential

Currently we literally do not leave the house without concealer unless we want to scare young children. It helps to brighten our eyes and makes us look wide awake. And a little goes a long way. The same applies to your teenager. Concealer is one beauty product that a teenager can wear without looking overdone.

9. Use gloss


For some reason, lipstick feels very mature. Our grandmother used it, our mother will not leave home without it and she even puts it back on after her meals. For a youthful look, put a glossy gloss with a hint of color on your lips for a look that’s equally sweet and cute.

10. Why you shouldn’t share makeup with your daughter

Yes, we teach our daughters that sharing is important. But when it comes to your makeup, sharing is a bad idea. According to Dr. Laurie J. Polis: “When it comes to bad makeup sharing habits, the eyes are the most dangerous. The most common viral infection of the eye is conjunctivitis, which is extremely contagious. » Sharing lip products can also spread cold sores. Ugh!

11. Let your daughter experiment with her nails


If your teen wants to experiment with crazy colors, patterns, textures, and trends, have her do it on her nails, not her face. Manicures have gotten very creative in recent years, which means that classic French manicures have been replaced by nail art, glitter, and neon. Let her have fun when it comes to her hands and stick to simpler looks when it comes to her face.

12. Hydration matters

Your mom told you and now you tell your daughter: hydration is key if you want to look and feel beautiful from the inside out. If you don’t drink enough water, then not only will you feel exhausted, it will show on your face.

13. Less is more


There will be plenty of time later to put on some eyeliner and have a smoky look day and night. When girls are younger, less is definitely more. For school, encourage her to stick to a minimalist look, that is, mascara, gloss and a little blush. Stay away from bright colors or punchy styles like strong red lips and smoky eyes. Save them for later.

14. One tone does not go with everything

Just as a single pair of pants doesn’t look good on every body type, all makeup colors won’t work for all skin tones. Experiment together to find colors and shades that match her style, complexion, and personality. Makeup is an opportunity to be independent and show off the characteristics that make you unique, not a way to look like everyone else.

15. Help your daughter understand that beauty comes from within 


What you eat affects how you look, and what you put into your body impacts your appearance, with or without makeup. First things first, you have to take care of yourself with healthy eating habits and once you feel good you can play a little with makeup.

16. Take a proper shower

Is there a wrong way to bathe? Well yeah, something like that. If you do not use the products and proper techniques, you could be clean but you aren’t making the most of your appearance. A few adjustments could go a long way towards giving your hair and complexion an upgrade. First, use hot water, not boiling, as it dries your skin. Next, be sure to distribute the shampoo through your hair for best results. Don’t over soap and brush your hair before bathing. And finally, apply lotion while you’re still damp.

17. Hair grows back


Some beauty experiments are more permanent than others. If your daughter wants to rebel a bit or try something new, encourage her to try a new hair style or color. Hair grows back, it can be dyed and while it is a change, it is not a change that you will be stuck with forever. It is a good way to change your appearance with minimal consequences.

18. Have fun and be yourself

Trends will come and go, your appearance may change as you age and no matter how hard you try you will not be perfect. But your inner beauty will be what makes you stand out in life. Never let her forget how much you value the qualities that make her strong, unique, and beautiful inside and out. Encourage her to be confident and give her the support she needs to be herself, and then you will see real beauty that will last a lifetime.

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