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15 retro video games that will never go out of style

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For video game lovers, there are some that will never go out of style, even though many of them were released decades ago. Here are 15 retro video games that will always be a hit, as they’ve survived for generations with their stories, challenges and characters. Find out what they are!

Donkey Kong Country

Released in 1994, this lovable character quickly became a favorite with Nintendo users. Although it was not exactly one of the favorites of the video game designer Miyamoto, it continues to be one of the most nostalgic for players. Donkey Kong Country became a great success for Super Nintendo, as they sold more than a million copies. It remains a favorite to this day.

The Elder Scroll V: Skyrim

15 retro video games

What are most video game fans looking for? Extreme adventures! And that’s just what The Elder Scroll V: Skyrim has offered PS3 users, since 2011. This retro video game is set in a world where adventure is the main protagonist, and where users must cross abandoned cities and open fields to fight dragons and spells, a fantasy like no other!

Final Fantasy IX is one of the best retro video games

One of the greatest successes of the Playstation was, without a doubt, the launch of Final Fantasy IX, between 2000 and 2019, which offered video game fans a fantastic adventure. In the Final Fantasy saga, a world is established in which users are trapped in a terrible war, where they face dangers to conquer an era of peace in the midst of chaos.

The OG retro video game, Space invaders

15 retro video games

In 1978, Space Invaders was one of Atari’s most successful launches. Atari marked an entire generation and represented the beginning of an era of technological innovation. Perhaps the most surprising fact about Space Invaders was how much money it made for its creators and for Atari. It generated revenues of more than 13 billion dollars!

Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Halo has one of the largest ranges of successful titles. Public reception has made it clear that this saga will never be forgotten. Halo: The Master Chief Collection includes titles such as: Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, Halo 3: ODST, Halo: Reach, and Halo 4, which were produced between 2003 and 2019.

Pokemon Red / Blue


The 90s were highlighted by the appearance of video games that managed to establish themselves in the memory of users, especially those who grew up with the Game Boy console. One of the most successful retro video games at this time was Pokemon Red / Blue, a 1996 classic that reached Western countries in 1998 and has since earned a place among video game lovers.

Street Fighter: The World Warrior

1992 was the year that Street Fighter: The World Warrior was born. It was a Super Nintendo success that, at the time, was one of the most sought after titles thanks to its graphics and design. Perhaps the main attraction of this video game is the adrenaline that the fighting promises: from the choice of the character to the task of pressing all the possible buttons to obtain the victory, the entertainment is promised!

Grand theft auto IV

Video game controllers

Video game and car lovers find the Grand Theft Auto saga is one of the titles that has attracted the most users in the last decade, since its launch in 2008. Located in the fictional ‘Liberty City’, Grand Theft Auto IV promises an adventure session, where the task is to fight the villains that threaten the tranquility of this virtual world.


Who hasn’t heard of Pac-Man? This retro video game is in its own category. Since its appearance in 1982, Pac-Man has been one of the most enduringly popular video games in history.



Video games aren’t just for entertainment. In the case of Tetris, they have also been shown to be useful for fostering creativity and coordination among users. Since 1984, this title is based on the training different figures in a shorter and shorter amount of time. Users must identify the different shapes to combine them perfectly with those that appear on their screen. A challenge!

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

For some, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is the best video game in history. It received 99% positive reviews on Metacritic, thanks to the quality of its graphics and its innovative design. The main characters in this video game are Twinrova and Shadow Gannon, who are witnesses of an epic journey that Young Link made to the kingdom of Hyrule, the favorite of many!

Retro video game Super Mario Bros 3

A person playing video games with a controller

Super Mario Bros 3 is another of the video games that are worldwide favorites. This Nintendo classic is full of epic adventures with the most iconic characters in the world of video games. In it, the user embarks on a series of challenges, accompanied by characters such as Yoshi, Mario or Luigi, in what some have come to classify as the most epic Nintendo retro video game.

Super Mario Kart

While it is true that Super Mario Bros 3 is one of the most iconic legends of video games, Super Mario Kart is not far behind. In fact, this video game has been very successful thanks to the nature of its design. It is possible to get a dose of adrenaline in each game, thanks to the competitions between users, who try at all costs to travel the tracks to win numerous races, going through difficulties in the attempt.

Duck Hunt


In the 80s, there was a launch that represented a total success for the NES. It is Duck Hunt, an innovative video game that consisted of perfecting launches to hunt ducks, the darling of a whole generation! Unlike many other video games, Duck Hunt did not have villains or monsters that had to be defeated. In fact, its main attraction was a toy gun with which ducks were hunted according to two levels of difficulty.


The decade of the 80s was a great time for Arcade, with the launch of Outrun, a video game that included a large dose of adrenaline, speed and multiple adventures. The main characters were a late-model car, a woman and a natural landscape that led to a wide road that led to the horizon, where speed was an element to conquer; without a doubt, it is an unforgettable video game!

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