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Happy Love: 10 Things Latina Moms Do To Make Their Kids Smile

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Is there anything mom wouldn’t do for you? Perhaps the best memories of your childhood are related to the moments you spent with mom and the way she made you feel every time you learned something new or went through a new stage of life.

From the first time you tied your shoelaces, to the day you took your first steps or rode a bike for the first time, Mom has always been there for you. And she has surely done it in creative and fun ways that have made you sketch more than a smile. Learn about the 10 things that Latin moms do to make their children smile!

10. Even daily routines are a fiesta!


Latin moms not only care about enjoying moments with their families to the fullest, they also care about maintaining enthusiasm and creativity to ensure that their kids stay healthy and acquire habits that stay with them for life. For instance, correct tooth brushing techniques.

Mom was in charge of saying goodbye to old toothpastes so she could choose the best dental cleaning products for you, selecting Crest toothpaste with your favorite characters and all the benefits to maintain excellent oral hygiene according to your age. In addition, she taught you, step-by-step, the best techniques so that you always have a spectacular smile, perhaps singing and dancing to her favorite salsa song. Surely you can name more than one!

9. Mom makes chores feel like a magical adventures


“Mom, I’m bored.” How many times did you say this to your Latina mom? This surely indicated that it was time to start with housework, such as dusting, arranging your closet, folding your clothes or doing the dishes. But this does not mean that it was always a boring activity and mom was surely able to tell you the most spectacular stories, such as myths and legends of the past to make you laugh.

Some Latina moms can create super theatrical productions using just a sock, which they turn into a puppet to tell the most original and stories making laundry exciting. Moms even made it fun to lose a tooth because you knew if you left it under your pillow El Raton Pérez would bring you a gift. Then she taught you that using Crest products will ensure your adult teeth would grow in strong and bright.

8. Give the blessing before going to sleep

Before leaving the house and going to bed, a Latin mom will never forget to give you the blessing so that you have sweet dreams and smile as much as possible during the following day; More than a habit, it is a demonstration of affection that aims to make you feel safe at all times.

The blessing that Latin mothers give their children is a characteristic that is present in almost all the homes of the Hispanic community, although she cannot always be there with you, it is important to feel her presence wherever we go.

7. Create fun games

Family. Beautiful mother and her cute son

Do you know what games mom used to play when she was a little girl? Depending on the country, she could play hide and seek or the lottery, for example. To make you happy, mom is able to forget about how tired she is after a long day of work to gather at the table as a family and share the most original games that have been passed down from generation to generation.

With the same sweetness that mom helps you to learn new games, she also guides you to make good decisions, advising you. Those moments with mom are a treasure!

6. Has the funniest sayings

Pretty mother brushing her teeth with her daughter at home in bathroom

When you got sassy as a child, did your mom ever say: Quien no pueda morder que no enseñe los dientes? Latina moms have the BEST sayings. You may have thought she sounded old-fashioned then, but have you found yourself saying it when you need to shut someone down?

And is it a coincidence that many of those sayings involved teeth? Antes son mis dientes que mis parientes, for instance. This one is a great reminder of how important it is to take the best care of your teeth because they say so much about you. And every time you say it you still smile, thinking about your mom.

5. Accompanies you to your most important appointments

Close-up of dentist examining a female patient with tools at dental clinic

A Latin mom will never leave you alone for your most important moments. Do you remember the first time you visited the dentist? Mom was surely there to hold your hand and assure you that everything was going to be fine, reminding you to listen to the dentist’s instructions to learn how to brush your teeth and use the Crest toothpaste she always bought for you. In fact, she probably still tries to come with you now!

This endless love that mom feels for you is translated into concern for your physical and mental health, as well as looking for the best tools for your well-being and finding the most special moments to share with you, regardless of the place! Something that makes this very Latino is that moms keep doing it even if you’re older.

4. Carnival afternoons: Let’s sing!


The rhythm always accompanies Latin moms. On holidays, and from the day you were born, they are able to teach you the funniest songs from their childhoods or from their places of origin to make you smile. There is always a song for the most important birthdays and celebrations.

What are the favorite songs you remember listening to as a child? The repertoire of Latin moms also includes the most creative dances that have made you smile on more than one occasion. This is the magic of Latin moms!

3. Return to her roots

Happy young mother and little baby girl prepare dough and have fun while making cookies in the kitchen at home.

Maybe you and your mom didn’t grow up in the same country, but that doesn’t mean you can’t share traditions and culture. Some Latina moms have memories of other types of clothing, dances, customs or songs, and are eager to share them with the whole family. After all, what wouldn’t a Latina mom do to see her children smile? There is no limit!

Creativity is the main ingredient to make the most everyday activities a series of unforgettable moments. The typical costumes, traditional dances and food from her place of origin become the best allies for mom to show off her more fun side.

2. Give everything funny names


Latino heritage also has a tendency to give everything new names, even the toothpaste you used as a child! This is because they know that a foolproof way to make a child smile is by giving creative names to objects or inventing silly songs (with a lot of rhythm) to accompany all the moments they spend together as mother and child.

If your mom is Latina, she probably gave your toothpaste a creative name and reminded you when it was time to go get it to complete your dental routine every morning and evening. Do you remember the first time she decided to get rid of the old grandma toothpaste when your family started using Crest, the modern toothpaste? Those are the memories of her that you will always treasure. Because, generally, her hugs and words of encouragement are the best motivation to carry out all your activities with a smile.

1. Cook with a lot of tradition!


Traditional food can never be missing in a Latin house! How many times have you helped mom cook traditional recipes? Surely you are already an expert in preparing tamales, rice, beans, tacos and desserts such as tres leches cake and flan. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how tired you are after a long day at work or how early you have to get up, all Mom genuinely wants is to see you happy and healthy. That’s why she will never hesitate to cook you the most nutritious recipes, no matter how old you are!

There are many things that a Latin mother would do to see her children smile. You will always be her priority, even when you have already left home and created your own household. What fun things has your mom done to make you happy? Tell us the most memorable!

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