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Neymar’s girlfriend: The 10 sexiest photos of Bruna Biancardi

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  • The 10 sexiest photographs of Bruna Biancardi.
  • The Brazilian model stole the heart of soccer player Neymar Jr.
  • The businesswoman looks gorgeous on social media.

Neymar’s girlfriend Bruna Biancardi. In the world of football, not only teams, matches and gossip among players attract attention. The wives and girlfriends of their idols also win over fans. Such is the case with Cristiano Ronaldo, who often shows off his gorgeous girlfriend and mother of his children, Georgina Rodríguez.

Or, of course, stable marriages like that of former soccer player David Beckham and fashion mogul and singer, Victoria Beckham. On this occasion MundoNow has 10 of Bruna Biancardi’s sexiest photos. She is the model and businesswoman who stole the heart of Brazilian soccer player Neymar Jr.


Photo: Instagram

The first photo is a favorite of Bruna Biancardi’s fans and followers. In the image, the model wears a bright pink, orange, yellow and purple bikini. She’s in the pool with her dog, although beloved «Bru», as they affectionately call her, stole the show.

“If there is someone who takes advantage of this pool, it is this little here …,” she wrote in the description. Fans commented on her incredible beauty. “The photos are beautiful… but this bikini managed to steal the whole show and even the cute dog.” “You are beautiful.” “Your bikinis are one more beautiful than the other, Bru.”

«My boyfriend’s girlfriend»

"My boyfriend's girlfriend"
Photo: Instagram

The model often shares fashion tips and advises her followers on current trends. In this breathtaking photo she wears a striking blue two-piece suit with nothing underneath….

“I share it here…” wrote the businesswoman in the description. Fans quickly showered her with compliments. “My boyfriend’s girlfriend.” “What an incredible look.» «Good morning, Bruna, you have an intense and natural light. Wherever you walk, you shine. Never stop asking your Guardian Angel for protection. I am very happy next to Ney.”

«You’re perfect»

"You're perfect"
Photo: Instagram

Bruna Biancardi, shared a series of images where she showed off her vacation in the Maldives Islands. She’s wearing a phenomenal blue bikini. But this was not the only photo that stole fans’ attention. She showed off a few bikinis and even a bathtub selfie.

“Lying here remembering the trip of my dreams. Who accompanied us to the Maldives?” Bruna Biancardi wrote in the description. «I respect my Ney, but you are very perfect.» «This photo of a blue bikini.» «If beauty were a crime, you would have a life sentence,» some commented.

«You are fantastic»

"You are fantastic"
Photo: Instagram

The Brazilian beauty often stuns her boyfriend’s fans when she shares photos on Instagram. On this occasion, they highlighted a photo where she wears a black lace camisole, a black skirt and a formal blazer, giving the ensemble a more casual look with black combat boots and a choker.

“Beautiful, with character, daughter of God, Humble, Fantastic… God prepared the RIGHT woman for you, Ney! God is good all the time.” “Beautiful, Neymar has made a good choice.” “Neymar, your girlfriend is beautiful, congratulations. God bless you, I like to see them together.” «Who is Mona Lisa next to this work of art.”

«She is very beautiful»

"She is very beautiful"
Photo: Instagram

Bruna often travels to the Maldives. For this reason, she shared a series of photos from her vacation. In one of the favorite photographs, the young model posed in an aqua bikini and white coverup.

«Bruna woman, we already understand that you miss the Maldives hahaha beautiful.» «Neymar has good taste, Bruna is so beautiful.» «For a man to conquer glory and make his dreams come true he needs the help and the company of a great woman and you are the great woman that Neymar needs.” “She is a goddess,” people commented.

Did fans blame Bruna for Neymar’s performance?

Did they blame her for Neymar's performance?
Photo: Instagram

The model knows how to capture attention with a simple post. When she was at the World Cup in Qatar, and she and Neymar had split, she shared photos of her vacation. “A little nap of the day with this view. I want to go back!” Bruna Biancardi wrote on the post.

“Neymar sees this photo and he will score 5 goals in the next game.” “Girl, don’t take the boy’s concentration away, get dressed urgently, let him concentrate, after the cup upload a photo upside down.” “Don’t distract our Boy, Ney.» “If Ney doesn’t want her, there are those who do,” wrote the footballer’s fans.

“You managed to outshine the landscape”

"You managed to outshine the landscape"
Photo: Instagram

The young businesswoman shared more photos from the Maldives and conquered her followers, who did not hesitate to point out how «beautiful she looks», surpassing the landscape in the background of her images. Her swimsuit had the legend “Made In Brazil”. Fans gushed about Biancardi’s incredible pics.

«God!!! I spent about 2 minutes admiring it, you managed to outshine the landscape of the Maldives! What is that, hahahaha.» «Very pretty!» «Look at Bruna, you are really beautiful!!» «Let the feed most beautiful of the season.”

“Light it up”

"light it up"
Photo: Instagram

The Brazilian model is known for loving the summer weather and surprising her fans with fantastic views of the places she visits. One of them is this photo in the pool and where she wears a light blue bikini that made hearts beat faster.

«That Bru, enjoy that you have a view of the sea… Make your smile a ray of sunshine: light it up.» «Our muse» «You are perfect.» «What a wonderful woman.» «You are a gift in our lives.» “You are absolutely so beautiful, you look so precious, an absolute example of perfect beauty, my dear, and you have an incredible personality.” people commented.

Bruna Biancardi Neymar: «A goddess»

Bruna Biancardi Neymar: "A goddess"
Photo: Instagram

In another of her showstopping photographs, Bruna showed her curves in baggy jeans accompanied by a bikini top, while she is enjoying the tropical weather. Fans did not hesitate to express how happy they were to see her looking «so cheerful».

“A goddess.” «I wish I looked like this.” “You are brilliant as a DIAMOND, Beautiful as a RUBY and precious as an EMERALD. You are a rare jewel, you are much more than a work of art.” “My muse” “Wonderful,” they wrote in the comments.

Bruna Biancardi Neymar: The best color?

Bruna Biancardi Neymar: The best colour?
Photo: Instagram

And to close with another beach photo of Bruna Biancardi, the 28-year-old is wearing a red two-piece and sunglasses. Her followers pointed out that she looks «wonderful» in red.

“This Bruna is too cute.” “Bruna red suits you much better! What a wonderful thing!» «You are beautiful.» «I have never seen a woman as beautiful as you.» «The vision of perfection» «How beautiful you look.» To see more photos of footballers girlfriends click HERE.

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