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It’s Margarita Time: 10 Margarita Facts About Everyone’s Favorite Cocktail

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It’s Margarita time! February 22 is international Margarita Day, so what better time to celebrate the most popular cocktail in the world? If you’ve ever wondered who came up with this winning recipe, we’ve got some fascinating Margarita facts for you. You won’t be able to resist its charm!

No one knows where the Margarita was created

It is known that the Margarita was created at some point in the 20th century but historians still cannot agree on the true origin of this tasty cocktail. According to historian David Wondrich, the drink is derived from a cocktail called Brandy Daisy. Others say the story is even more complex. Some sources indicate that the original recipe was created in Mexico (probably in Tijuana, Acapulco or Ensenada) sometime in the 1930s. However, other historians claim that the original creator of the recipe was Francisco Morales, a Mexican immigrant who claims to have prepared the first recipe in a bar in Chihuahua in 1942.

Frozen Margarita: an cocktail that is here to stay

margarita facts

No one knows for sure who the original creator of the Margarita was, but they do know who was the mastermind behind one of its most popular versions: the Frozen Margarita. This mixture was invented more than 50 years ago. To be exact, in 1971 Mariano Martinez, a Texas restaurateur, used an ice cream machine to obtain a frozen consistency.

Margarita facts: it’s pricey

The average price of a Margarita in the United States is $13. Although this number can vary quite a bit, it usually doesn’t exceed $15. Unless of course it’s prepared by barista Marco Antonio in Selena Rosa. In 2018, this bartender created a version called the Silk Stocking Margarita, using an aged Clase Azul Ultra tequila, which raised the cost of a glass of this drink to $2,500.

So many recipes

margarita facts

The “original” recipe for a Margarita usually contains a base of one part traditional tequila, ½ part Cointreau and ½ part lime juice, but other ingredients can be added to this. For example, in some bars you can find Margaritas made from flavored tequila and even prepared from natural juices or energy drinks.

Fun fact: a Margarita is always served in a glass container

Although the Margarita, in any of its versions, stands out for the distinctive flavor of tequila, it’s vitally important to avoid serving it in non-glass containers. Whether in regular glasses or in glasses of different sizes, one way to guarantee the flavor and consistency of the Margarita is to avoid plastic containers!

Margaritas set a record

glass with margarita

In 1953, The Press Democrat published the first recipe for this delicious cocktail. The paper said the recipe was recreated by Michael Demarest who, after a trip through Ensenada, decided to recreate a drink that is “Enchanting to look at, exciting and provocative.”

There is no Margarita without salt

One of the most known Margarita facts is that it’s served with salt. A salt-rimmed glass brings out the flavors of the drink. Some bartenders like to rim the entire glass with salt, while others prefer to add a pinch to intensify the flavor and aroma.

Statistics are on your side


It doesn’t matter what country you go to or what language you speak, the Margarita is a world-renowned drink and you can order one practically everywhere. In 2008, it was cataloged as the most requested cocktail. In that year alone, more than 185,000 Margaritas were ordered in the United States every hour! Currently, 60% of the drinks ordered in the country’s bars are Margaritas.

The largest Margarita in the world

One of the most interesting Margarita facts happened in 2011. To commemorate the opening of the Margaritaville Casino at The Flamingo hotel in Las Vegas, the world’s largest Margarita was prepared! This drink was called “Lucky Rita” and it was served in a 17-foot tank that contained 8,500 gallons of Margarita. It took 60 people and 300 hours to prepare.

Is there a Margarita championship?


With so many different recipes, it is not surprising that there is a competition for the best Margarita. Every year the Margarita World Championship is held in Arizona. The world’s most renowned bartenders come together to create their best recipes and fight to earn rave reviews from visitors who have the power to award the prize in the «Public Favorite» category.

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