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cosmetología, cirugía plástica, eliminación de grasa bucal, MundoNOW-cosmetology, plastic surgery, buccal fat removal, MundoNOW

Understanding buccal fat removal: Is it right for you?

What is buccal fat removal? Celebs are loving this procedure. Get chiseled cheekbones overnight. Buccal fat removal is catching the eye of many who want to define…
rellenadores de labios naturales, mujer, belleza, labios, cabello / natural lip plumpers, woman, beauty, lips, hair

Pout perfections: Top 6 natural lip plumpers you should try

Try these natural lip plumpers! You don't need to resort to fillers. You may already have these at home. Consider this a holistic approach to lip enhancement…
baroque nails, painted, beauty, woman, MundoNOW / uñas barrocas, pintadas, belleza, mujer, MundoNOW

What are Baroque nails?

What are Baroque nails? It's the newest TikTok nail trend. The lavish mani is inspired by Baroque art. A trend has been making waves on TikTok lately...…
cómo tomar buenas fotos, retratos, fotografía, fotografías, familia, MundoNOW, fotos / portraits, photography, pictures, family, MundoNOW, photos

Essential tips for taking perfect portraits every time

Learn how to take good photos. It's easier than you think! Taking the best family portraits is a breeze. Capturing perfect portraits is an art that combines…
Un hombre de traje se sube los pantalones, problema con la bragueta rota, cremallera, cierre, MundoNOW. Man in suit zip his pants up, Problem with broken fly.

A step-by-step guide to fixing a broken zipper

Fixing a broken zipper. It's easier than you think. Just follow this simple guide. A broken zipper doesn't have to be the end of your favorite garment…