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“El Último Rey” star Pablo Montero ran out on a $750 restaurant bill

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  • El Último Rey star, Pablo Montero, ran out on a $750 restaurant bill in Mexico City.
  • Apparently the famous Mexican singer and actor planned the whole thing.
  • An employee said apparently, “it’s how the gentleman operates,” because he had already done it in other area restaurants.

HE DINED AND DASHED! Pablo Montero, star of the series El Último Rey ran out on a $750 restaurant bill in Mexico City. And no, it was not an oversight, because apparently the famous Mexican singer and actor planned the whole thing.

Pablo Montero gives us something to talk about again. This time it is because he intentionally made a plan to avoid paying a 15,000 peso (equivalent to $750) bill he racked up at a luxurious restaurant in the Polanco area in CDMX. Here is the evidence of the alleged crime.

Pablo Montero fled to avoid paying $750 in a restaurant

Pablo Montero fled to avoid paying $750 in a restaurant
Photo: Instagram

“That day, Pablo already had a commitment; he was going to sing at the anniversary of the La Polar restaurant with Lupillo Rivera but he didn’t show up. He was in the French restaurant, Au Pied de Cochon, at the Hotel Presidente. In fact, he asked for a private space to be more comfortable with his girl and three other friends,” a witness revealed to TV Notas.

During the evening, “He was very happy, he was singing and he had been drinking, that’s why he didn’t go to the other event. But the problem was that, at two in the morning, his friends left and he stayed there with the girl he was with. Later she left in a taxi and he planned his getaway,” the person who saw it all told the media.

How could did Montero escape?

Pablo Montero fled to avoid paying $750 in a restaurant
Photo: TV Notes

According to the witness, the actor sent his driver first to withdraw money from an ATM. However, “Apparently he had no money and the others had already left.” It was at that time that the 47-year-old singer planned his getaway. “As many times they don’t charge him because of  who he is, he thinks that everywhere they have to pay homage to him, but not here.”

Apparently, the plan was as follows: “When the waiter took the bill, he asked that they charge it to his room and he had already arranged for the driver to wait outside. So he took advantage of the moment and went to the elevator as if he were going to his room, but he just left, “said the person who was at the scene.

They had to chase him

Photo: TV Notes

The celebrity magazine reported that the staff ended up chasing the singer, who finally escaped. “All the staff at the place were aware that he was leaving without paying, even the waiters, the captain and even two security men came out after him. But Pablo had already gotten into his vehicle,” said the witness.

Apparently, they even signaled to the driver and explained to him, but, “He paid no attention and although they had the terminal in hand to collect the bill, which was 15,000 pesos, they were ripped off. For now, in that place where he had been well received, they don’t want to see him anymore, because they know his habit,” concluded the person who witnessed the scene.

Does Pablo Montero have a modus operandi?

Photo: TV Notes

TV Notas tried to confirm the information and, in effect, an employee of the restaurant, whose name or position was not revealed, confirmed that Pablo Montero had run out without paying. “I can’t talk much about it for customer privacy, but yes, we are already taking action on the matter. We have already issued an alert to various establishments and restaurants in Polanco, and we were surprised to learn that this situation has not only happened to us.”

The worker said that apparently, “It’s the man’s way of operating,” because he had already done it in other restaurants in the area. “They told us that he has left various restaurants without paying, he tells them that he will come back right away and leave just like that. He also had an unpaid bill at the Marriot Hotel, which is next to the restaurant where he left without paying 15,000 pesos,” he explained. The employee did not want to specify about the “actions” that they are taking, but he warned: “We have already given notice and at least here in the Polanco area he is already banned.”

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